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Ever since Calum and Ashton were kids, Friday night had been game night

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Ever since Calum and Ashton were kids, Friday night had been game night. Ashton was two years older than Calum, always treating him like a younger brother as well as a best friend. Growing up the boys were inseparable, they would spend every waking moment with each other, their friendship forever pure, always sticking it out together. One went down, the other went too.

When Noah was born, it only brought the two of them closer together – if that was even possible. Ashton and Calum's other friends had taken it upon themselves to help him out whenever he needed, Calum didn't know this though because, well, they all knew Calum and they knew he never wanted to be a burden.

"Twist mate!" Calum yelled at Ashton as his body was moulded into an uncomfortable position leaning over Michael who was red in the face from one arm behind under Calum's leg while his crotch sat in front of his face.

"I'm twisting bro," Ashton answered back as he spun the twister board around, "Calum, left had blue," he informed his best friend

"Oh god no," Michael yelped as Calum reaches further up making his hips lower, "I– can't– hold on any– more–" Michael gasped as he fell to the floor bringing Calum with him who was in stitches of laughter, "I'm sick of having Calum's penis is my face every time we play this dumb game," Michael huffed pushing his friend's leg off of him

"You love it really," Ashton laughed along with his friends, turning his head he watched little Noah run into the room with a spider-man costume on ready for Halloween pretending to shoot a spider web out of his wrist at his dad and uncle who were still laying on the ground playing along with the child.

"Oh no he's gonna get me, Ash help!" Calum scrambled away from his son who had began to chase after him. Jumping up onto the sofa Calum fell over the back to put distance in between the two of them before Ashton scooped up Noah dangling him upside down, the little boy's giggling filling the room.

Noah loved Calum's friends, after all it was the closest thing he was going to get to having a big family. It was agreed quite quickly that they would have uncle and aunt titles too – it felt wrong if they didn't, they did so much for Calum and Noah. Of course Michael hadn't been the best of influences by teaching him curse words but Calum over came that with the swear jar – every time someone cursed a dollar was put in the pot above the microwave. Helena and Mali-Koa both offered Noah a motherly figure, this gave Calum security, at least he knew Noah would at least get something close to having a mom. Ashton, well he was like another father to Noah, teaching him right and wrongs, what was good music and what wasn't, but he knew his place and when not to interfere with Calum and his son's relationship.

After Ashton placed the child back on his own two feet Helena came in with 4 boxes of pizza, she knew 2 nor 3 boxes would be enough to fill the group up. Michael found himself by the pizza first before she scolded him, "Noah gets to pick first," opening to box up to the little boy who was now stood next to her, Michael rolled his eyes as he watched the two of them before opening up a different box, pulling out a slice and biting into it.

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