Calum and Noah

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Calum's leg bounced up and down as he typed away on his laptop. He rubbed his hand over his hair in frustration as he struggled to reply to a fiery written email about how his feedback hadn't been constructed very well. Calum knew his feedback wasn't always as straight forward as one would have hoped but he also had a two years old child running around his feet 24/7. He also had to be brutal when it came to being an editor, if authors wanted people to like or even pick up their books they needed to know what was better.

In his spare time (not that he had much) Calum would teach kids how to play the guitar just to earn some extra money to put away in order to buy an actual home for Noah and himself rather than living in the top floor of an apartment building. Not that it wasn't nice Calum just thought it would be better if he could buy a real house, so Noah could have a real childhood.

"Daddy," Noah whined again for the 50th time that morning, "daddy," Noah clings onto Calum's arm beginning to swing off of it.

"Look little man I really don't need this right now," he detached Noah from his arm putting him down, this happened a lot with Noah and it was understandable to Calum if Michael wasn't around why he would get so bored because it in fact was boring watching your dad completely ignore you to do work rather than play trains with you.

That's when the monotone sound began to ring from Noah's mouth, he patted his lips with his mouth changing the noise. Calum shut his eyes trying to drown out the sound of his son's annoying habit purposefully created for the exact reason of distracting Calum enough so he'd give up and play with him.

"Noah!" Calum yelled finally losing it, pushing back on his chair making it screech against the wooden floor he picked up Noah who began wriggling about in his arms and put him on his naughty step in the corner of the room after warning him a dozen times before that if he didn't stop he would be put there, "now you can come off when you stop being silly," Calum told his now sobbing child, who began to suck on his bottom lip. Calum hated being the reason Noah cried, it made him feel guilty so much so most of the time he'd feel so bad he would take Noah off the step early or take him out for ice cream later that day.

Noah stifled back his cries sniffing away, his cheeks were rosey red and tear stained, he rubbed his sore eyes with his small hands catching his long hair in the way, Calum moved his son's hair out of his face before turning away from him walking back over to the desk he had been previously sitting at, "I'll give you a minute and then I'll come back," Calum tells him, he should really have given him two minutes but Calum was soft, very soft.

Calum went back to typing but that didn't stop his eyes flickering back to Noah who sat in the corner finally calming down from his out burst. Noah fiddled with his little chubby fingers as he waited patiently for his daddy to come back and release him from the step stool he was sat on. Finally the time for a minute had clocked over and Calum's frustration had worn off the second he sat Noah down but Noah had to learn to stop when he was told to stop and Calum definitely knew that.

"Now does Noah know why daddy put him on the naughty step?" Calum crouched down to his level as he spoke to him, slowly Noah shook his head no, "because daddy asked you quite a few times if you could stop swinging on him and if you could go play with your toys a little while but you didn't do that did you?" Noah shook his head again in agreement with his dad

"I'm sowrry" he spoke with a little lisp making Calum's heart soften even more. Noah was his whole world, anything Noah did Calum felt accountable for, they did everything together, it felt weird to even think of a time Noah hadn't been around because it didn't matter how lonely Calum felt he knew he wasn't alone.

Noah reached forward placing his little arms around his dad's neck giving him a hug. Calum shut his eyes taking in his son's embrace as he sat on his knee, "it's okay buddy, thank you for apologising." Calum thought it was important that Noah knew that apologising was a good thing, but not always necessary, he knew Noah was young but he knew so many kids who if they had learned wrong from wright sooner they might have ended up in a different direction, he also knew he couldn't predict the future for Noah and craft it for him but he could give him a running start.

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