An incident in the park

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Blake stared at the ceiling as she laid, waking up from a tragic night's sleep not too long ago with the light streaming out from the slither down the middle where the curtains hadn't been drawn all the way. Combing her hand through her hair she let out a large sigh that she had been holding onto since awakening. She turned her head to look at the clock that sat next to her on the bedside table, 9:30.

As she waited for nothing in particular, a thunder of feet fled towards her room, the door flew wide open and 3 small figures burst into the room, "Blake!" The little people screamed jumping onto my bed, she laughed at their enthusiasm as they hopped up and down on the bed.

Moving she swiped the smallest Jullian up into her arms, she began to tickle his waist so he would giggle loud and clear, the other two children began to laugh along in which she turned around to them on her knees showing them her tickle fingers, she grabbed Kira and threw her up into the air making her scream in delight before Blake caught her and she thumped back onto the bed, Blair laughed his little cotton socks off before Blake smirked at him, he squealed laughing trying to get off the bed, "no you don't" she yell after him, picking him up she spun him around making them fall back onto the bed, they all laughed as they were spread out on the bed.

"Blair, Kira, Jullian! I told you to leave Aunt Blake alone!" Blake's sister's voice called as she came through the door, stopping in her tracks she leaned against the door frame and smirked at them from across the room, shaking her head, "Sorry Blake,"

Venessa, Blake's older sister, the one who she had looked up to her entire life, with the perfect little family, the perfect kids, and the perfect husband, in the most perfect little town, the most perfect life, just the perfect one. She took Blake in when she had needed her and she didn't even bat an eyelid, she made room and here Blake still was almost a year and 5 months later, she had considered moving out but every time she mentioned going she insists that Blake stayed, she just wants to know that she is safe and that she is okay because that is exactly the kind of sister she is, perfect.

They all sat up and watched Venessa as she stood in the doorway "we going to 'da park" Jullian spoke with utter happiness in his little voice, his little dimples showing as he smiled

"do you wanna come with us?" Blair asked looking hopeful something sparkling in his eyes

"hmmm..." she raised an eyebrow keeping them guessing, "of course I'll come with you!" she smiled, they all cheer and leap into her lap pushing her back onto the bed, our laughs filled the room as she watched her sister walk into the room and open the curtains.

The light streamed into the room the morning sun touching my face, she smiled as their laughs and giggles settled down, they began to roll off her one by one leaving her body alone lying on the bed exactly where she started this morning.

"come on let's go and leave Blake to get ready," Venessa says before rounding her bubbly children up and herding them out the door closing it behind them.

Peeling herself off of the bed she walked over to the ensuite and flicks on the light bringing her face to face with herself in the mirror, sighing she ran her fingers through her hair and turned on the shower letting it run before she undressed and got in.

After showering she wiped away the makeup from the night before that was now washed down her face and then brushed her teeth. Walking out of the bathroom she walked towards the closet and opened it up picking out her outfit, black jeans, and a white sweater, it being almost November it was pretty cold outside, the leaves were beginning to turn and the winds were becoming frostier.

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