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I don’t remember ever being this happy.

Frankly, I don’t think I even deserve to be this happy. Seriously, what did I ever do to find that one person who fits so well with you? The happiness she gives me seems like it’s impossible to achieve, but I have it. I’ve felt it ever since she came into my life, ever since we arrived at Alpine Mine two months ago. It’s like… people are always searching for that one person, the one they are just meant to be with, and sometimes they never find it. They just get their hearts broken over the wrong people in their search, and then they lose faith.

But I found mine.

We’re so young, and I’m just waiting for someone to shake me awake from this magnificent dream. That has to be what I’m living, since I found her so early in my life… All of this seems so unreal. But I’m thankful, nonetheless… so beyond thankful.

Allie doesn’t ask about my past relationships, but I know they bother her from time to time. The truth is, I can count the number of times I’ve had sex on one hand. I know I’ve been with a couple of other girls, but it always meant nothing. The most I’ve slept with one girl is twice, the others just once. That fact made Allie feel a lot better about the whole subject when I elaborated, after she kept teasing me about being a sex god last month. I guess it’s just natural to assume a lot of experience from a record of four girls. But she knows now that they’re nothing but mistakes.

I don’t like thinking back to it, though. I really don’t. I don’t like thinking back to my past much at all. But Allie makes me relish in thinking about the future, I can’t imagine where I’d be right now without her… Most likely I’d be dreading the return to town in a few weeks, trying to figure out a way to get through one more year of ridiculous high school drama bullshit.

But nothing matters when Thea is with me. She makes everything seem perfect, she makes the future look bright. I feel like I could do, or go through anything just because I have her by my side. I would kill anyone that tried to take her away from me.

I roll over onto my side, a huge crash of thunder from the night bringing me back from staring at the dark ceiling of my bedroom in thought. Rubbing at the slight tingle in my lower lip, I sit up in bed. Ever since the surgery to put my bottom lip back together, the nerves are a little edgy sometimes. Even that’s going away with time, though, along with the strange sensation of not having two piercings there anymore. They almost got torn out in a round of the fighting matches that go on every Saturday. Talk about pain, holy shit. I seem to be a magnet when it comes to injuries. But I guess that’s normal when you grow up with an abusive father. I have the scars to show for it, including the one that covers the majority of my back.

With brief flashes from the window to light my way, I throw the blankets off and stretch as I stand up in the darkness of my room. The cool wooden floor soaks up the warmth from the bottom of my feet as I use my hands to guide me along the wall and through the door to the hallway on my way to Allie’s room. I chuckle silently as the sound of her not-so-dainty snoring points me in her direction through the dark. Sinking onto the bed beside her, I wait for my eyes to adjust in the darkness.

She lies sprawled on her stomach, her hair a messy tangle on the white pillow as she snores away in blissful slumber.

“Lucky little fuck,” I chuckle softly as I turn away from her and use one hand to massage my temples. She can sleep through anything.

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