Pastel and Punk- The Pack Ships Parts 1 & 2

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YES OKAY I KNOW, THREE ONESHOTS IN A DAY?!?! I'm on holiday, leave me alone.

The boys outfits are above, thanks for the prompt My_Little_Stars6789

Lachlan, Jerome and Rob are punk and Vikk, Mitch and Preston are pastel. (And yes I know that all of the pastel outfits and Lachlan's outfit are very fem, but I think they're cute.)

Rob's P.O.V.

I sighed as the bell rang, wanting to bang my head onto the desk. This was stupid.

It wasn't as if I hated learning, in fact I loved learning, but during school when information that I didn't care about was forced down my throat constantly, day in, day out, I stopped caring. I honestly did more learning while I was at home, picking up information that I wanted to know about.

I slung my bag over my back and dragged myself from the classroom, fighting against the throng of people bashing their way through the crowd towards the cafeteria. I normally headed the other way but there was no way that I could get past everyone, so I just decided to follow the crowd and then loop back around the back halls.

As we were walking I got several scared glances from some of the younger students. I was dressed head to toe (pretty much) in black leather and another who had seen me in the summer knew that I had tattoos covering both of my arms, so they normally stayed away.

Once the crowd dispersed I looped around and headed out to the back field where I knew the other would be waiting. On the way there I ran into Mitch standing beside his locker, sorting through his bag with a frown etched on his face.

"Hey Mitch, everything okay?" He spun on his heels, his light blue pleated skirt flying up with the sudden movement, his eyes wide with surprise.

"Oh! Hey Rob!" He gave me a shy smile before turning back to his locker. "I can't find my English book and I'm sure I put it in my bag this morning."

I came and stood beside him, eyeing his locker. He wasn't normally one to lose things, he had a good memory and he was meticulously tidy so I wasn't sure where it could have gone.

"That dickhead didn't take it out of your bag when you weren't looking did he?" He thought for a second but shook his head slowly.

"I haven't seen him all day." His voice was soft, clearly showing his thought.

We were referring to Jason, one of the biggest bullies in the school. He stayed well clear of Jerome and I, and normally Lachlan as well, but for some reason he found it fun to pick on Mitch, Preston and Vikk because of their pastel clothing, style and gentle nature.

When the three with Jerome or I he left them alone, but if they were by themselves or with Lachlan he tended to pick on them, pushing them around or calling names across the hall.

Lachlan was always ready and willing to fight his own battles and defend his friends and boyfriend but because of his more feminine style, many of the male students assumed that he wouldn't fight back. Oh boy were they wrong.

He was probably in detention more than the rest of us combined for defending others and he always said he didn't regret it, going back in for more every time.

"I have, I know he's here." He shrugged.

"Oh well, I'm sure I'll find it later. I can always use refill." I inclined my head and waited for him to close his locker before turning and walking out the field.

The others were already waiting there for us, lunch spread out in a circle in front of them. Every Friday we had a shared lunch just for the six of us to avoid the normally terrible cafeteria food and everyone bought something to share between us. I had a bag of chips and some carrot sticks and dip, some of the favourites among us.

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