The Kessel Run: A Star Wars SmackDown... What Happens Next?

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So you've read all the blurb on the previous page and thought to yourself, "Self, I reckon we should give this a go!" and you did just that. You've submitted your qualifying entry via the submission form (accessible via the link on the previous page) and all is good with the world.

All that's left for you to do, really, is to sit back and wait - and tell your Star Wars loving friends about this awesome contest, of course!

But let us tell you a little bit about what's going to happen once the qualification period is over. By that point, we hope to have a good number of contestants... As we've stated already, it's definitely a case of the more the merrier.

Come September 30th when the qualifying period ends, those of you who've submitted a qualifying entry (a short story based on one of the prompts given on the previous page) will be split up into groups - probably groups of between four and six contestants, but this does depend on numbers.

Then for the first three rounds (Round 1.1, Round 1.2, & Round 1.3) you will be competing directly against those other contestants in your group. The Ambassadors running this profile will judge all entries for those three rounds and those with the highest overall scores (again, how many progress from each group depends entirely upon the number of contestants and groups involved) will progress to the next round. This means that for some of you, Round 1.3 will be the last round for which you write though of course, even if that is the case for you, you'll already have had (we hope!) a whole lotta' fun, made some friends and written some badass Star Wars fiction!

So in short, once you've submitted your qualifying entry, sit back and wait!

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