This philosophy...

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It's a strange thing
This... concept? Philosophy?
They call it life
One day the world is at your feet
But the next you're drowning in an ocean of pain

For some it is long
A bit too long for their taste
But some are short a day or a year
Some travel the world
While some never really leave their homes
Many are content with this thing called life
Others are always restless, always in need

We begin this concept with pain
And we end it with pain
Life never gives peace
It is selfish like that
The end is always painful
But in this other thing do we find peace

Time is expensive in this game
None of us can afford to lose it
This game is simple
Yet some of us make it rocket science
As the levels go on, the demons grow in strength
The humans grow in stupidity

There are so many diseases in this specimen called life
We are all infected with the worst of them all
This disease is called emotions
It's contagious and dangerous
Yet we are born with it
It goes stronger and stronger
All it needs is time
And circumstance

Don't you agree
It's rather strange
Is it even real?
This is called life

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