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She thought back to that time
It was not always a nightmare
She smiles a knowing smile
There may never come a time like that again
Those were perhaps the most beautiful times of her life
Tainted with darkness and perhaps regret
But memorable and sweet nonetheless

It had never happened so
She questioned whether it was possible
But yes, she was fortunate
The tears and pain did not overshadow that
She knew she would often go back to those days

Like a cool breeze on a summer day
It was so peaceful
She welcomed it so eagerly
Like a rainbow after a storm
Her gray world was full of colour
Never had she seen or experienced something so pure, so innocent

She had been given wings instead of horns
For the first time in her lifetime
She wanted to be better
Liberty in a cage was real

Her world was lit by the stars that shone bright
Its light breathtaking, illuminating her world like never before
There was a time that was etched into her mind
A time she would never forget
You couldn't really blame her
Who would want to forget the time you had truly lived?

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