The road

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I have walked the road alone
I walked the road I chose
But I have no regrets
The road was meant for me
This journey was beautiful
It's value only increases
When I realize I was alone
The flowers and clouds and occasional rainbows
They are what made me continue walking
No one with me
But the journey was far from silent
Blizzards and rain and thunder
Taught me so many lessons
It was never to make me leave this road
Just how to survive it
Speed bumps were there to protect me
Speed kills
That we all know
I kept walking through everything
I live to see the next rainbow
You have to thank the storms
How else would the sky be so bright thereafter?
I walk to this day
Embracing the stumbles
Listening to the birds chirping
The secrets that the wind loves to whisper
I kept walking on this road
This road I have chosen
There is no other road that I would've chosen
There no one I would share this road with

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