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I've had moments of solace to sustain me
It's because of them I'm here today
That's what he said
And I couldn't agree more

He and I were poles apart
But some things makes us all alike
We're all in prison
Be it literally or figuratively
The mind can be heaven
With an eternal river of thoughts
But nothing is simple
And thoughts are no exception
Clouds appear quickly
Grey as can be

We're all in pain
We all have losses
We've all been through hell
Or so we think

It is then that I think of him
Or rather his magnificent words
Solace is comfort
Comfort is golden, no matter how short lived
If it were not for those moments
There would not exist a silver lining
Nor a sense of hope
Nor the will to continue
It is indeed these moments of solace that has brought me here today

Losing you was like stabbing a person everyday and asking them to live without pain.

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