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And they never understood it
They never understood the love she had for him
They never could
She never did too

How could they understand it?
How could they understand the love that had the depth of the ocean
The love that ran through her veins
The passion that that flowed from her tears
And travelled with her laughter-
The laughter that he gave her

How could they understand the smile that was genuine?
They only knew what was fake
The late nights and desired dreams
The race of her heartbeat at the mention of his name

Always on cloud nine
Ready to jump at any time
Death a negligible consequence
Because he was worth more to her than all the risks

And they never understood it
They would never know
Their eyes say it all
It was then she knew
This journey was hers
This love that they never understood
Was hers
And it would be for the length of time

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