The gift of life.

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I feel like I'm screaming but no one is listening
I feel like I'm crying oceans but I'm the only one drowning
I feel like I'm bleeding and no one can see the wound
I feel like my heart is breaking but no one wants to pick up the pieces
I feel like my will is shattering and I'm stuck

I'm stuck with the gift they call life
My pain ceasing to exist to others
My suffering nonsensical to all
My agony non existent to those that matter
My tears worth nothing to everyone
My silence not alarming
but a disturbance to those around me
I have become like a bird with no wings
A lion with no roar
A vulture with no prey
A fish with no gills
A shark with no teeth
A human with a shattered soul

But in the end I am alone
I suffer the pain with more pain
Silence is my only option
And my salvation is long gone
Abandoned me thoughtlessly

Sleep is my drug
And  the thought of seeing tomorrow breaks me even more
But I'm alive
Sadly I'm alive
So this is the first poem guys. Hope you liked it. Please comment and feel free to give me your feedback, positive or negative. Oh and don't forget to vote too. Thank you for reading.


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