It's funny

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It's funny
It's just so funny
I'm breathing
I'm alive
But I'm not living

My lungs are filled with air
I hear it
Inhale exhale inhale exhale
But my soul has tasted life but once
My soul had a short life
It was murdered so brutally
I often wonder why

What have I done?
Where did I go wrong?
I have only loved
I have loved like the wolf
Howling in pain every night
But the moon never heard
The moon never felt like the wolf did
The moon never gave the moon a chance

My soul is linked to my body
So as my soul was killed, my smile was killed too
As it's will was taken, my will was taken too
As it had shattered into pieces,
my heart was in pieces too
As it had grasped for life
As it grasps for life to this day
I grasp for my sanity

It's funny
Just so funny
I am alive
But I am not living

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