Ch. 1: The Beginning

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Ch: 1 The Beginning 

Song For Chapter: Carried Away - Passion Pit 

"I'M GOING TO MISS YOU guys this summer!" Tenderly, I hugged my two friends as we sat by the school's pond and played in the tall grass. "You both have to attend the wedding."

     Lana rolled her hazel eyes and let out a low chuckle, one that I immediately knew the reasoning behind. "I can't believe Trey is getting married." We both snuck a quick glance in Jenna's direction; as we both expected, she was pouting, her full lips downturned as she sat on her tree branch, legs flailing in the air above our heads.

     Jenna sighed and crossed her arms over her chest, huffing a defiant air. "This isn't fair. He and I are made for each other! We're soul mates!"

     I laughed and shook out my brown locks. Jenna's obsession with my brother had always slightly disturbed me. Okay, really disturbed me. I was happy he was getting married. Hopefully Jenna would realize that he was not into her, nor would he ever.

     Lana pulled a clump of moist grass out of the ground and threw it at our disillusioned Jenna. "Eww! Trey's nineteen! We are just finishing our third year, he's got to be five years older than you, blockhead."

     Jenna merely replied by sticking out her tongue and lightly jumped from her spot on the branch, wobbling a bit as her feet met the grassy hill beneath the tree. "I think it's time we started to head back. My mom said she'd be picking me up at eleven thirty-five."

      'That was a sudden change in emotion,' I thought, mentally rolling my eyes.

     "When are you leaving Elle?" Lana flipped her red hair over her shoulder as she pulled herself up from the ground. For a moment, I was distracted by the crazy, fire-engine red hue. Over the years that I had met Lana, her hair had been gradually dyed a more and more obnoxiously bright hue. However, it somehow worked on her.

     I sighed and looked at my pocket watch. "Gladis said she would be here at eleven-thirty, so I'm leaving around the time you are, Jenna."

     Lana groaned and hung her auburn head in defeat. "But, you always stay late with me. What changed?" Lana's multicolored, hazel eyes sparkled with curiosity.

      Jenna pulled her blonde waves into a high ponytail as we walked back to our dorm room. "Yeah, usually I'm the first one to leave, then Lana, then you." She cast me a wary look, which quickly turned to feverish hope. "Wait! IS TREY PICKING YOU UP?!" She jumped up and down with a new pep in her step.

     I sighed. 'Secret is out'.

     "Yes, he is, but only because he and I are going to lunch before he leaves for London." Trey was anxious as his wedding grew closer and closer. Since his bride-to- be, Allie Wanger, is from England all of her relatives are there. It made more sense for our small family to travel to hers then vise versa. I told Trey that we could have lunch before he flies there; I can always calm him down.

     Jenna's loud, obnoxious scream yanked me from my thoughts. "OH.MY.GOD! I have to get ready! Why did you not warn me?! I'M NOT EVEN WEARING ANY MAKEUP!" Jenna urgently grabbed Lana and my hand and took off towards our dorm. "You guys have to help me pick out the hottest outfit!"

       Lana gave me an amused glance as we tried to keep up with Jenna's extreme speed. "Jenna! The man is getting married in A WEEK!" Lana giggled at Jenna's desperation.

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