[Chapter 6]: Hell

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"Shhhhhhh... Don't wake them..." A voice faintly whispered.

"They must like like each other." Another voice giggled quietly.

"We should draw on their faces!" A young boy said.

"NO!" Two other girls growled softly.

You groaned a bit at the noise, eyes fluttering open. There was a cluster of children gathered around you. Some of them giggled while others just sat there with coy looks.

"Ooooo (y/n)~ Do you and Aizawa like like each other?" One of them teased.

"Eh?" You groggily replied, shifting your body slightly. That was when you noticed the weight resting against your head. It was Aizawa. He was snoring softly, blissfully unaware of the crowd the two of you had attracted.

"You two look like a couple!" A young girl giggled.


"Please quiet down." You sweetly asked, completely ignoring the comment. "Let him sleep."

"Awwwww..." They pouted in sync. After enough complaining, the children began to disperse. You sighed and softly lifted Aizawa's head, moving it down onto your lap.

"I don't know how you can sleep through all of this." You chuckled. "You're amazing Aizawa!"

He still didn't wake, he only shifted over onto his side and curled up. You smiled softly and ran your fingers through his hair.

He's like a cat. How cute-

"(Y/n)." A staunch voice called. You exhaled softly and averted your eyes at the man outside fo the cell. "Get up."

Ah... So it's time I guess.

I guess I was so distracted, I didn't even think about it...

But you felt it again, the terror, the impending doom. There was a feeling of the world going dark.

Just nothingness.

You shifted to move Aizawa's head off your lap. Despite trying to be gentle, he woke anyways. There was a sleep gaze cast over his features. Perhaps you could escape without him realizing what was happening. But even in a delirious state, he still asked the one thing you hoped he wouldn't.

"Where are you going?" He muttered, eyes cast up at you groggily. Your heart and throat tightened.

"Away." You choked out. To the best of your ability, you smiled, but it was obviously a ruse. You remained hunched over him so as to not alert the other children of your distress. Your hair swept down along your face, offering some kind of shield.

"Hey..." Aizawa muttered, fingertips reaching up to sweep away a lone tear that had escaped. He repeated himself. "Where are you going?"

It hard to lie to you like this... I just can't...

"I'm scared Aizawa..." You sobbed out softly.

"Hurry it up!" The man repeated from the other side of the bars. "Before I come in there and drag you out by your hair."

You could practically feel your heart beating in your stomach, throat, and head. It quickened, falling into a syncopated rhythm that was so perfect it nearly annoyed you. It made you feel sick.

"I'm so scared- to die..." You whispered, nearly forgetting how to form words at all.

Aizawa tried to remain calm. He knew what you were implying. The dread you had felt yesterday was about to become reality. Maybe they would make a last-ditch attempt to sell you off or perhaps just take you out of the room to do away with you.

Either way, it would be horrible.

"Calm down." Aizawa insisted to no avail. You were hyperventilating, mind sent into an absolute panic at the sound of the man turning the key in the lock.

"I'm scared- I'm so scared..." You quietly studdered. "I'm going to die... I can see it-"

And then you couldn't.

"Hey... Calm down." He repeated, hands cupping your cheeks, eyes locked in yours. They emitted a dim red light. "I'm not going to let anything happen to you."

The moment passed in an instant. The man had grabbed your arm and begun to yank you up but was quickly stopped in his tracks by a swift kick to the side of his knee. He had released you and was distracted by his own wallowing, allotting Aizawa enough time to take hold of the man's shirt and slam him back against the cement wall. A rough strike to the man's skull and he was out cold. The other children backed away, looking on in confusion. It quickly, however, turned into cheering.

You were still in a daze over what had just happened, but you noticed a small device with a blinking light under where Aizawa had been laying.

"Eh? What's that?" You asked. Aizawa released the man and allowed him to fall against the floor.

"Our ticket out of here."

"What's going on?" You frantically asked. Alarms began to sound over the complex. "There are cameras everywhere! They'll be here any second!"

"But you know how to stop them, don't you?" He calmly inquired.

"I do, but it will just lock us in here!"

"Then do it."

"Aizawa! You don't get it!" You stood up and yelled. "They will make it to us eventually. They have men with destructive quirks!"

"We only need to buy time." He insisted, hands resting on your shoulders. "Just trust me." You took a second before furrowing your brows and nodding.

"I'll get the door, you take out the cameras."

- - -

Everything fell into mayhem pretty quickly. Heroes began flooding in and engaging the captors. They hadn't reached you yet, you could only hear the commotion through the walls. You remained on the opposite side of the thick metal door that separated the villains from you, listening to the demands for you open it, fists beating against the metal.

"Will it stay closed?" Aizawa approached and questioned.

"I've been watching the mechanics closely while I was out. If three cell doors are opened simultaneously, the entire complex locks down to prevent anyone from getting out." You pointed at the circuit board beside the door. "They can override it from the outside to get in, but not after I fried the door circuits completely. They will have to reset the entire system or break through physically."


"No no, not good. There's nothing good about this situation!" You panicked. "Aizawa, what the heck is going on?!"

He concurred this time, giving you a brief explanation of what was happening and who he was. Aizawa was a third year at the hero school UA. His current mission was to infiltrate and transmit the location of the trafficking complex. And now, the heroes were here to put an end to it.

"I can't believe this is happening..." You muttered. "We can all escape this hell... The other children... Me... It's over..."

"It's not completely." He retorted. "We still have to do our part. It will be difficult for the heroes to function with what little information I've sent them."

"Huh? Then why didn't you just wait longer before signaling to them?"

"My hand just slipped."

"What?! Are you serious?!" You gasped.


"Pffffftttt..." You laughed. "You're ridiculous Aizawa!"

"Whatever, this isn't the time." He rolled his eyes. "We need to make sure any of the bastards who make it in here don't reach the children. It's likely they're trying to use them as hostages."

"They are, and they're going to make it through. I can feel it." You added.

The banging on the door grew louder. Aizawa released a heavy sigh and readied himself.

"Then let's give them hell."

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