[Chapter 7]: Escaped his grip

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"They just keep coming!" You huffed. "How much longer until the heroes get here?!"

"You ask like I'm supposed to know." Aizawa groaned, currently pinning down a low-level villain who has slipped past.

It didn't take long for the door to be breached. Despite that, there weren't even many villains who got past. They were being kept plenty occupied by the slew of heroes that had infiltrated the base. The five or six that managed to get into the captives ward were quickly stopped by you and Aizawa. Sure, you weren't the strongest fighter, but the combination of your ability to predict the enemies movements combined with Aizawa's ability to shut down their quirks and take them in hand to hand combat proved to be the ultimate wombo-combo.

"Aizawa, another's gonna get through in t-minus 5 seconds! Expect a jab from his left fist!" You called out.

"Quirk?" He quickly questioned after a swift knock out kick to the man beneath him.

"Simple mutation; doesn't seem like much of the threat."

As if it were spoken into existence, a villain emerged from around the corner and was swiftly dealt with by Aizawa. Another few minutes of wait patiently. The fighting echoed down the corridor, sounding closer and closer.

"Shit..." You muttered.

"What is it?" Aizawa asked calmly.

"A tough one's coming..."

Aizawa blinked a few times in confusion, noticing the dread on your face.

"Who is that? What's his quirk?"

"It's-!" You pulled in a sharp breath and lunged towards Aizawa. "Watch out!"

You reached out and shoved your friend out of the way before an invisible force yanked you back down the corridor.

"(Y/N)!" Aizawa screamed, his voice unable to reach you. You had already been pulled around the corner and out of sight. He panicked and glanced back at the startled children. "Stay here! I'll be right back!"

He sprinted down the corridor and turned around the corner, only to find you pinned against the ground with a large man's hand gripping your throat. Aizawa stopped dead in his tracks. The villain grinned smugly.

Crap! I knew this bastard's telekinesis would be hard to deal with!

You struggled for air, both hands wrapped tightly around the man's hand, trying to tear them away.

"Well now, you've caused quite a ruckus it seems." The villain snarled at Aizawa. "Personally I'd like to keep things from getting any messier, which is why I have her."

He gestured to you with a tight squeeze, causing you to cough and gasp.

"Let her go." Aizawa said, remaining calm to the best of his ability.

"Gladly!" The villain jested. "So long as you come quietly."

Aizawa's teeth clenched. He could only watch as you grew paler. His voice remained stuck in his throat.

"Well~? What's it gonna be kid?!" The villain continuously badgered. "It won't take much longer for her to pass out. You better make a decision~"

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