[Chapter 1]: Enemies

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Note: Readers are aged up to about 23-28. The story will take place while Aizawa is still working as a hero before he becomes a teacher at UA.

Enjoy. :D

- - - - - - - - - - -

I don't even remember how I got here.

I was supposed to see it. I was supposed to predict it!

You shifted ever so slightly, body curling in an attempt to make the extremely uncomfortable position a bit more bearable.

It's my fucking quirk! So why-?!

"I said, Don't. Move." The man repeated, the bonds around your wrists straining even more. He had you pinned, knee pressed against your back as you were rendered chest down against the concrete.

Dammit all! It wasn't supposed to end like this!

"I see them!" A distant voice called out from the edge of the building. "He caught her! Eraserhead caught her!"

I CANNOT get caught.

I was ordered not to get caught!

Another futile tug escaped your body. You yanked against the tough fabric binds, interest briefly piqued by how strong it was.

"Stop resisting. You're caught, it's over." He growled down at you.

But you didn't listen to his commands. Perhaps you thought you could overpower him. But from his advantageous position, it was nearly impossible despite how strong you may be. The struggling continued, mind racing as you counted down the moments before the police arrived as well. There was sheer panic behind your quick, shortened breaths.

"I'm not going to hurt you." He said, voice toning down. "Relax and come quietly."

You said nothing, teeth only grinding against each other in remorse.

"Eraser!" An officer called out. "Are you injured?!"

"Nothing serious. She managed to land a punch or two." He calmly responded. A few officers had arrived beside the two of you.

"I see. Then you can leave the rest to us. Good work." The officer leaned down into his radio and spouted off a few orders that your mind was much too preoccupied to follow.

This is it...

You turned your face to the side, looking up at the man who had captured you. Part of you wanted to search his eyes for answers but it as to no avail as they were protected by a pair of yellow goggles.


It was... familiar.

There was a glaze over your eyes, but that's it. You wouldn't cry. Not in front of him. The police officers gathered to yank you off the ground. Your head hung low, mind spacey even as the commanding officer gave his spiel about your basic human rights.

It's irrelevant. It doesn't matter what you say.

You only lifted your head to glare at Eraserhead. He pulled his goggles up and rested them against them atop his head, eyebrow raised.

"Wait a second." He said to the officers. They paused after placing the cuffs over your wrists, glancing up at the hero. "What's your name?"

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