[Chapter 10]: Give a shit

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"Are you sure about this Aizawa? Last time you surprised her, but she'll be ready for you now." Tsukauchi questioned in a worried tone.

Aizawa sighed and stretched his arm across his body.

"She'll answer any question you want if I win. It's worth it." He groaned.

"That's the only reason my supervisor is letting this happen in the first place..."

"Besides, if I lose, I just can't come to visit her. It's a small price to pay."

Aizawa and Tsukauchi waited patiently on the side of the courtyard. The facility had a small, enclosed clearing behind it used for a variety of things. And today was a nice day, perfect for some ass-kicking.

"All right, bring her out," Tsukauchi called into his radio.

A few moments later, the large metal doors leading to the courtyard swung open. A small group of guards led you out, still handcuffed. You complied with little resistance.

"Release her," Tsukauchi ordered.

The guards complied and unhooked the handcuffs from your wrists.

"Ahh, that feels better." You grinned, rubbing the red streaks. "You know I always seem to be in handcuffs around you. I'd argue you're really into that Aizawa."

The guards whispered and chuckled at the comment. Even Tsukauchi cracked a small smile. Aizawa just looked straight up annoyed.

"You talk a lot for someone who's about to get their ass kicked." He jeered.

The whispers escalated into full-on hollering.

This bastard...

"Oh, you're gonna get it now..." You muttered. "What are the rules?"

"Uhhh well, I figured that the use of quirks and all forms of hand to hand combat are allowed," Tsukauchi said.


Tsukauchi glanced at Aizawa.

"Don't need it." Aizawa grinned, removing his capture tool from around his neck.

"You sure? You're gonna get shit on extra quick without your magic scarf." You smirked.

"Yeah, I'm sure." He refuted. "That means you can use any equipment either."

"We already examined her suit." One of the guards said.

"She's hiding more." Aizawa insisted.

You raised an eyebrow curiously and chuckled.

"You sure have sharp eyes Eraserhead..." You pulled small gadgets from tiny crevices in your suit; smoke bombs, knives, even a pair of collapsible night vision goggles. You threw them casually to the side, the shocked guards cautiously taking them. "Now then, shall we begin?"

Aizawa nodded, noticing the glint in your eyes. He knew you were focusing now. He knew he had to be careful.

"This match will be a single round. The first to immobilize the other will be deemed the victor." Tsukauchi started, glancing at the both of you.

"I know about your quirk Aizawa." You scoffed with crossed arms. "This won't be a repeat of our first encounter. My eyes will be on you the whole time."

Aiwawa was surprised by your comment. He looked like he was about to say something, but the time to talk was over. Tsukauchi announced that it was time to act.

"You may begin!"

All right, he's gonna-!

Aizawa took off towards you the instant the match started.

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