[Chapter 9]: No way

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"So, any progress with her?" Aizawa crossed his arms and rested back in his seat. Tsukauchi glanced down at the file in front of him and sighed.

"Nothing. She'll barely say a word to anyone here, let alone hold a conversation." He leaned back and placed his hand against his forehead. "You, on the other hand, have at least achieved that much. Have you learned anything else?"

"I wouldn't say I've learned anything actually useful."

The two men were stumped beyond belief. It had been a week since you arrived at the station. Truthfully, they had no idea what to do with you.

"Her behavior is very odd I must say." Tsukauchi continued. "She hasn't been aggressive other than a few abrasive words while interviewing her. But what's stranger is that despite knowing of our past failure to rescue her, she hasn't tried to use it against us at all."

"It doesn't sound like she blames the heroes. Well, at least she divulged to me that she never blamed me..." Aizawa pondered.

"Eraserhead listen... Your connection to this case has been valuable, but you shouldn't let it distract you from your other work."

"No, it hasn't been a problem at all." Aizawa waved his hand across to his friend. "Work has been pretty slow this week and I try to work primarily at night. I have more free time than you think. Besides, I'd say this case is pretty urgent. Wouldn't you agree?"

Tsukauchi shifted in his seat and tapped his pen against the table.

"Yeah... Whatever organization is behind her has been gathering information for a long time. They cover their tracks incredibly well. We hardly have anything on them." He said. "This woman is our first lead. I was hoping that there would be some movement after capturing her, but so far, nothing."

"Do you think she's disposable to them?" Aizawa asked.

"I hope not for our sake as well as hers."

"Why her sake?"

"It's most likely she's staying silent out of a sense of love and loyalty. If what you've told me about this woman has been accurate, she experienced horrendous trauma as a child. It's likely that whatever group took her in after did not have pure intentions but she clung to them still out of desperation. Finding out such a thing could lead to further instability of her mental state."

"No matter what, it's going to be difficult to release her back into the public after she serves her time." Aizawa groaned. "But that's further down the line. Why do you think this group would take in such a young girl?"

"Well... You said she has a foresight type quirk, correct?"

"That's right."

"Quirks that foresee future events are extremely rare." Tsukauchi pointed. "As of now, Sir Nighteye is the only prominent individual in Japan with such a quirk."

"I suppose that would make sense. But as far as I know, her quirk is only capable of sensing short-term-" He paused and retraced the events of the past in his mind. "No... There was a point where she thought she was going to be killed the following day..."

"So, we know that her quirk can foresee an event at least a day before it happens..." Tsukauchi began scribbling down the bit of information. He looked back up. "But it's not for certain. Obviously, she's still alive."

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