[Chapter 13]: Further instructions

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"She... what?" Aizawa questioned.

"She's pleading guilty." The women repeated, stacking her papers on the desk before her.

"... I'm not sure I follow." The hero said.

The women adjusted her glasses after she finished gathering the rest of the documents in her hand.

"Well, she's only pleading guilty to theft of government property. She denies all other allegations."

"But she already knows we've connected her to other thefts and incidents." Aizawa said sternly. "Evidence is few and far between, but its enough."

"I know. I tried to reason with her, but she appears sure of herself." The lawyer fiddled with her pen before snatching it back up. "Anyways, I have another meeting with a client today, so I'll be on my way. Keep me posted if you get her to change her mind."

"Tch, what makes you think I could change her mind." Aizawa scoffed.

The lawyer paused before leaving back through the office door and looked back at the man.

"Oh, I had assumed you two were close since she talked about you so much. Although..." She chuckled. "It was all complaining."

- - -

Aizawa was back to his usual, pacing around his living room. He was irritated, but he was struggling to figure out why he was so irritated, which only irritated him more. He sighed and collapsed back onto his couch. Moonlight flooded through his window into the room, only otherwise lit by a dim warm lamp over a desk in the corner. Aizawa's apartment was generally clean, but had grown increasingly disorganized throughout the past few days. This was something he also found irritating.

He peeked over towards his kitchen, noticing the time on his microwave. 10:06 PM. Aizawa's hand came up to rest on his forehead. Another groan escaped him.

He gathered his strength and stood once more, stumbling over to his bedroom. The hero faceplanted into his bed, paused once more, and then rolled over. While his mind raced, his body trudged drarastically behind. Aizawa eventually found his way to his pillow. In an attempt at rest, he closed his eyes.

A few minutes went by. Typically he would fall asleep in that time. He is always tired after all. But the anxious feeling in the pit of his stomach only seemed to grow.

"Ahhh.... Fuck it..." Aizawa finally whispered.

He got up and made his way back to his living space, snagging his phone on the way. He groggily rolled into the kitchen and began boiling water.  Hesitantly, he dialed and brought his phone up to his ear.

"Tsukauchi, I'm assuming you're still working."

"Of course, you know I never stop working" The detective answered on the other end. "I surprised you're still up. I thought you didn't have hero duty tonight."

"... I don't." Aizawa said without further elaboration.

"... Oh I see what's happening." Tsukauchi grinned. "You're anxious about her trial?" Aizawa groaned and rubbed his eyes without saying a word. "Say no more, what do you want to know? So long as it's within my jurisdiction of course."

"Have you noticed any changes in (y/n)'s attitude over the last few days?" The hero asked, holding the phone between his chin and shoulder while ripping an instant coffee packet. "I'm not sure, but I've been feeling a bit odd about the last few interactions I've had with her."

"Hmm, well not that I've really noticed. Why don't you just talk to her yourself?" Tsukauchi asked.

"I don't really think she wants to speak to me." Aizawa sighed, pouring the hot water over the coffee.

"Did you guys get into another fist fight?" The detective chuckled a bit.

"Worse, a verbal fight. And I think she won." (AND I'LL DO IT AGAIN BOP BOP)

"Well I haven't seen anything unusual if that eases you're mind at all." Tsukauchi answered. "Anything else?"

"Yeah. About the evidence we've gathered so far. Do you think it will be enough to prove misuse?"

"Well..." Tsukauchi sighed. "It's hard to say. We have several security cam footage clips and proof of tampering on various software. The problem is, I'm not seeing any usual patterns with the data she pulled. So it's hard to pinpoint motivation."

"I see. And with her quirk, I'm sure it's easy for her to avoid unfavorable situations..." Aizawa pondered to himself for a moment before grabbing the mug and heading over to his desk. "Thanks for the update. I think I'll spend some time trying to connect some dots myself."

"Eraserhead, you really don't need to do this." The detective insisted. "This is a bit outside of your job scope."

Aizawa plopped down into his desk chair, moved a few messy stacks of paper, and set the mug down. Still holding the phone between chin and shoulder, he took a moment to tie back his hair.

"I know. Don't work too late Tsukauchi." He ended the call and tossed his phone to the side.

- - -

I can't sleep.

You sat on your bed, back against the wall, curled up with your legs pulled against your chest.

I'm so tired of being here. It brings me back.

I want to leave.

You glanced up at the thin window on the side of the cell, enjoying what little moonlight streamed through. You lifted you hand to let it hit your fingers.

I want to be free.

But the moonlight faded with an overlapping cloud. You let out a sigh, grabbed your pillow and chucked it against the wall. A guard appeared from the corner of your eye and walked by without speaking a word.

When he passed completely. You rolled your eyes and brought yourself to your feet, eyeing the pillow.

That didn't help... And now I have to walk all the way over there.

You stepped over to where it lay and bent down to snag it. But at the same time, you noticed a small rolled up slip of paper on the floor that you were sure hadn't been there before.

You crouched down and grabbed it instead, making your way back to your cot before unrolling it hesitantly.

A single line of text.

'Wait for further instructions.'

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