[Chapter 2]: The same side

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"Just... kill me." You finally broke the silence, voice strained but still firm. Eraserhead didn't shift from his spot. He only crossed his arms and leaned back against the wall.

"What are you going on about? Why would you say that?" He sighed.

"Because if you think you're going to get any information out of me, you're wrong. So why don't you just save us the headache."

Initially, there wasn't much to say to that. You were sure of your statement and he could tell. But still, he was perplexed by the reluctance.

"I get the feeling we know each other. Did you feel the same thing?" He stated. The notion stirred you because you had, in fact, felt that as well.

"We don't know each other." You rebuttaled. The hero raised an eyebrow at the denial.

"Your initial reaction says otherwise."

"Does it matter?" You quickly scoffed. "Save your breath and stop trying to get chummy with me."

"I'm speaking to you as a human being right now as opposed to a hero." His voice was sincere and once again and you felt no malicious intent.

So why.

Why couldn't you just trust your gut?

"Fuck off." You hastily answered. "We don't know each other-"

"(Y/n)," He cut you off. "That's enough."

Your breath left you, rendering you unable to speak for a moment.

"How do you..." You said in a quivering voice.
Internally, you began to panic.

"Don't get too upset. The police would have found out eventually."

He's right.

"OI ERASER!" The first cop burst into the room. "YOU KNEW WHO SHE WAS AND DIDN'T TELL US?!"

"I wasn't sure at first. Pipe down." He huffed.

The cop muttered a few angry words before exiting the room again, once again leaving you alone with the hero. Eraserhead now moved from the wall, taking a seat across from you in the chair that had been neglected.

"Don't make yourself comfortable. We're not friends even if you know my name." You growled.

"You sure talk a lot for the one who's handcuffed." He retorted.

"Oh? You wanna un-handcuff me?" You joked. "We'll be on more even ground then."

"I'd gladly comply, but these guys would stop me." He retorted, motioning to the single long window on the wall.

"Like hell you would. I'd snap your neck in an instant."

"Really?" The hero snarked. "According to our records, you have yet to kill anyone."

Dammit... This bastard's reading me like a fucking book.

But still, the brief moment of 'casual' conversation had eased your nerves, just a smidge.

"I get it." He continued, placing his elbows on the table before you. "You feel backed into a corner and you're on the defensive. But you're making your situation worse by acting defiant."

"How would you have me act? I'm not a societal dog like you."

"Then what are you? Clearly, you're just on a different leash." He smirked.

This little...

Your jaw tightened and your head fell. The silence returned only briefly.

"(Y/n)," The causality had dropped from his voice. "They'll just keep interrogating you until you talk."

"Don't say my name." You growled. "You caught me, I'm in the custody of the police now. There's no point in you bothering with me anymore."

"You're right. Maybe, it's not for you." He admitted. "Maybe it's to satisfy my need to understand what happened to you."

"Nothing happened to me. I've always been like this-"

"No, you haven't."

You yanked against the cuffs, causing the chair to screech against the floor.

"YOU'RE GETTING ON MY FUCKING NERVES!" You yelled. Eraserhead narrowed his eyes, clearly not intimidated in the slightest.

"That's enough Eraser." A voice boomed over the intercom. "Please exit the room."

The hero released a heavy sigh. He peered across the table at you once more, taking note of your trembling figure. It was partially out of fear but a mostly due to frustration.

"Well... I'll be taking my leave then." Eraserhead huffed, standing from his seat.

"Good riddance..." You muttered.

"You know..." He started, looking down at you. "I'm on your side."

I'm on your side.

You had heard that before.

In those few moments following the statement. you saw an image of a boy from your past. His hand was extended out to you as if coaxing you from somewhere. And his voice was soft, much different from that of the gruff man before you. That was years ago. But still, those words echoed in your mind. You attempted to swallow the lump in your throat before speaking a single, meek word.

"... Aizawa?"

"Took you long enough." He groaned. But that's all he said as he took off toward the door.

"Wait!" You blurted out.

"Oh? You want me to stay now?" He called back in an irritated tone.

"Tch." You scoffed, instantly regretting that you had said anything at all. You turned your head away. "Just wanted to remind you to fuck off..."

"Is that so? Well, I'll leave you alone then."

He followed through with that, leaving you alone once more in the desolate room. Your mind was still a mess and a feeling of hopelessness swept over your body. There was the faint sound of chatter from behind the wall. They were talking about you, or more so what to do with you. And he was there too, the boy you once knew.

At the time, you had relied on him so heavily.

But this was different. This was the adult world and you were a criminal now. The past didn't matter.

No matter what had happened, you weren't on the same side anymore.

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