[Chapter 11]: The truth

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"All right, you got your question. What do you want to know?" You sat there under the bright white light of the interrogation chamber trying your best to remain compliant. It was hard to cover up your frustration for the situation. You had lost and you were embarrassed.

"You're being oddly cooperative. You didn't hit your head during the fight, right?" On Tsukauchi's end, it was a genuine question. However, to you, it just felt like taunting.

"Can you just ask the question already so I can go back to my cell?"

"Have you taken a liking to it?" He asked.

"Is that your question?"

Tsukauchi sighed at the sarcasm and took out his note pad. 

"You gonna hook me up to a lie detector or something?" You raised an eyebrow.

"No need to." He grinned lightly. "I have a feeling you won't lie."

Cut it out with that fake shit...

"That's annoying." You spat. "There's no reason for you to smile at me. Just show you're distaste on your face."

"I have no qualms with you." He said plainly, jotting something down on his notepad. "It is you who seems to have qualms with us."

"Well, you arrested me..." You bitterly mumbled, crossing your arms as if you were going to make some kind of a point. "So..."

"Well, you broke the law." He chuckled

"I thought cops were lazy. Aren't you supposed to drink coffee and eat donuts all day?"

Tsukauchi found himself laughing at the notion.

"Did you get that from crappy cop movies?" He jeered.

"Listen!" Your cheeks flushed and you slapped your bound fists against the tabletop. "They are not crappy! They're quality content, WITH kickass combat scenes."

"Myyyy how offended you got." He grinned. "It's nice to see you so lively." A brief moment of silence following made your face grow increasingly red.

"Anyways..." You said, voice now reduced to an embarrassed mutter. "What was your question?"

All right... I may need to lie depending on what it is... I need to be convincing.

You had convinced yourself of the short list of question he may ask. You had prepared responses carefully for each. But you didn't manage to predict what Tsukauchi said next.

"How did you end up getting trafficked?"


Your mouth fell slightly agape. Tsukauchi waited patiently. The question threw you for a loop, no doubt. Your brows furrowed.

"... What do you gain from this?" You hesitantly asked.

"If I asked you who you work for, you'd lie, wouldn't you?" He replied plainly.

"I never said that." You retorted.

"You don't need to. I can tell." Tsukauchi said. "Whether it be fear or loyalty, I don't think we'd be able to get anything like that out of you. After all..." He fiddled with his pen, clicking it against his notepad. "You seemed pretty resigned to death when you first came here."

You peered around the room tentatively. No one else was present, but you knew other people were watching from behind the one-way window. You glanced at the door.

"No one else is coming in, don't worry." He reassured.

Aizawa was one of the ones behind the glass. He leaned back against the wall, attention jumping between the monitors and the window.

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