The ravagers

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Heres just a bit of information on the hierarchy system for the ravagers if any of you choose to make one. Keep in mind only humans can entertain roles above bulkers.


The ravagers, these are the special forces unit dedicated to the laboratory and preserving its research. These may consist of humans, bionically enhanced humans ( humans with robotic limbs), or humanoid wolves.

Officer in Charge: The Officer in Charge is the commander, and on most teams has the authority to make all decisions at the scene of incidents. Most Officers have worked their way up the ladder within the team as well as on the department. Possessing rank as well as experience, they thoroughly understand their team's capabilities.

Team Leader: Team Leaders prepare plans for the tactical resolution of the problems faced at each callout and submit them to the Officers in Charge. Once approved, Team Leaders have the authority and flexibility to quickly alter the operation if conditions on the ground suddenly change.

Tactical Team Operator: Tactical Team Operators carry out the tactical plan. They should be in top physical condition and possess excellent tactical, physical, and weapons skills. Operators train on a regular basis with other members of their team.

Counter-Sniper/Observer: The Counter-Sniper/Observer has exceptional skills to see without being seen and provide a protective overwatch for the team before, during, and after the incident.

Investigator: The Investigator endeavors to discover the who, what, when, where, and why of a crisis as it unfolds. The investigator can gather that information even as the Tactical Team deploys. The team investigator also possesses the ability necessary to facilitate a developing tactical plan.

Armorer: In a perfect world every tactical operator should be skilled enough to armor their own weapons, but this is not practical. The Armorer can inspect, maintain, and, when necessary, repair all weapons on the team.

Empty Hands Specialists: All Operators should possess exceptional empty-hand capabilities. There comes a time when suspects need to be expertly and immediately controlled. Every entry team should have some members who excel in this area, and who are able to train others on the team as well.

Bulkers: These are mainly wolf ravagers that act as a heavy duty bull dosser smashing through obstacles that may obstruct the path of the teams.

Fielders: These are your ordinary ravager, the ones that go out an fight, take orders and get their missions done.


More information:

wolf ravagers, like the experiments are regularly enhanced to fit each field exercise. These wolf humanoids, though they aren't technically mind controlled, are controlled a chemical mixture that naturally make them want to follow the orders of all B.A.S.E staff, ( this does not apply to experiments.)

As punishment, if a wolf ravager doesn't achieve their goal they are electrocuted, this act is also a way in which the lab whips the wolves into submission.

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