Inhabitants of the Lab

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Lab Personnel form:

Name: Lyndella Mavidon

Age: 27

Sex: Female

Gender: agender

Sexuality: pan technically but she doesn't care for relationships in the slightest.


Personality: She is confident in her ability given that her father; the original founder of the research facility raised her with both him and her mother being incredible scientists

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Personality: She is confident in her ability given that her father; the original founder of the research facility raised her with both him and her mother being incredible scientists. She it quiet, and takes her work very seriously, if you aren't there to get work done then you might as well leave. She grew up with a natural adoration and curiosity for the sciences as inherited from her parents and the idea of creating artificial human evolution to push the bounds of homo sapien genetics is exciting to here, though with her stoic nature this doesn't show on her face. She is rarely seen outside of the lab and tends to have to most direct contact with the experiments.

Fears: She has a deep fear od failure, of disappointing her parents who came before and everyone around her who know of her extraordinary parents. She fears she might let down everyone by not living up the standard of her parents.

Backstory: She practically grew up in the laboratory, B.A.S.E was the only world she had ever known and she grew up well into the role of achieving a perfect serum for forced human evolution. She took to the school at a young age being raised to read nothing but scientific books at a very young age. She of course graduated top of her class at only 16. She by NO means got to were she was by her father's power, her mother and father had always been harsh with their training and it was fairly hard to tell that they were even her parents as opposed to a sort of drill Sergent. Scientific theories were drill into her head and if she was wrong her father would yell at her. There was never any time to play like normal children it was always studying and taking test given to her by her controlling father, but this never discouraged her in fact she loved her father and mother dearly. She knew that it was her parents own way of showing her tough love, showing her how tough the outside world would be, she wasn't gonna get any freebies from her parents, she'd have to work for everything she wanted. Despite spending all of her childhood studying the concepts of science she still had a mad love for the subject, and in fact only grew to love it more, the more her father made her study. She struggled through the Ranks of the laboratory until eventually she made it to the top; to level X. She had proven herself time and time again that she was far more worth to take over the facility rather then her father's friend and second best scientist to her mother and himself. Eventually she took over the seat of head as the age of 21 after the unfortunate death of her father. Her mother proceeded to retire, far too saddened by the loss of her husband to continue in her pursuits. The circumstances of her father's death were unknown though the higher levels often assumed it was dude to a rampaging experiment losing control on him and killing him. This was a shock because despite that he experimented on them many if not all the experiments look to him as a father figure, the children lacking a full understanding of the situation, and he didn't treat them badly. While yes, he did experiment on them he took great care to feed them well and to teach them many many things with his own efforts. Now this responsibility fell on his daughter and she too held a love for her experiments like a motherly figure though she was far harder at expressing these emotions.

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