Chapter 1- Caged Bird

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Come and get to know your fellow experiments, after all they are probably all the family you'll get to have from here on out. Maybe even discuss a plan of escape?


You have spent years confined within these sickening pale blue and white walls, here you were being caged like an animal everyday of your life only to have needles stick you like a pin cushion on a regular basis. neither you nor any of the other experiments deserved this treatment. Day after day you find that you can barely remember the faces of your family if at all, you struggle to hold on to the sound of the voices of those who were dearest to you. Like everyday before you found yourself once again being interrupted in your slumber by the cadences of foot steps storming into your room. Again you found yourself waking up to the sight of a familiar navy blue uniform indicating the security of this place; the ravagers. Just like days before, you found yourself being detained by these ravagers in various cuffs some how customized to your specific mutations as you were dragged out of your bed, dressed or not to the creepy and gloomy room containing nothing but walls stacked high with black metal cages. Some of the cages appeared to be much more intricately design, it was obvious those were the stronger experiments who might have the ability to break out of the ordinary ones. The room let in very little light when the door was left unopened despite the fact that the sun shone brightly through the heavy dude bullet proof windows just outside the room in the hall way. As if everyday was stuck on repeat, again you were scooped up and thrown into your designated cave. Of course you could only wonder why it was you had to have designated cages when most of them looked identical in size and shape, but who were you to question these people who controlled you like an owner with a dog. As you were ushered into your cage you noticed that soon others were also ushered into their cages. Yup, you knew exactly what time it was, like any other day, this was the time of day in which you received your regular injections of strange chemicals that would obviously only result in mutating the disgusting new mutations you now possessed on your body, further. You couldn't held but feel a mix of rage and/or sadness as your humanity was forcefully taken from you, as you were slowly being stripped of everything that made you human. The only comforted you might find in the lab was that of the other experiments, people who were just like you, would wouldn't judge you for the hideous and strange mutations you possessed. You could only began to wander what your loved ones would think if they could see you like this. The phrase always went 'a face only a mother could love' but not even a mother would be able to love such a abomination to humanity. If you ever escaped this place, how would you ever be able to face them again? knowing that at that point they may not recognize you at all, that at that point they would only glance at you with eyes filled with horror. Despite your hopes that your loved ones might still accept you, you knew in your heart the only people who would ever accept you as you are now resided within this room, crammed in cages like a caged bird. To keep yourself from potentially going crazy you knew you'd probably have to socialize in this unsightly predicament/ Though neither you nor anyone else in this room wanted to talk, it was for the sanity of all of you to do so, to pretend as if each one of you wasn't being taken out periodically to get injections.

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