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Level X personnel (2/4)
(Must be at least 25 or old in a FEW cases they can be 19 but this is VERY rare and requires them to have graduated head of their class and be a diligent worker. )

The personal responsible for Experimenting on the Human Test subjects

Level I-IX Personnel (0/6) (level 8-9 require at least 21 unless they graduated top of their class and can otherwise be 19 but in VERY FEW cases.)

(Don't all try to be level IX)

Ravangers (0/10)

The Special Security of the facility. These are not all human as there are Genetically enhanced humanoid wolves who are controlled by the facility, that are apart of this team.


(this is what the plot will pertain to and all participants must have at least one Experiment as a character before making a characters of the above Roles.)

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