Laboratory Restrictions

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1. No character is definitively perfect, even with all the genetic enhancements scientists can go wrong too. So neither are your characters in anyways perfect. 

2. If you have an ability like Lightening manipulation, you can only have 2, but abilities like flight (if you have wings) is fine.

3. No bullying or drama of any kind will be accepted with in the Lab, unless it is drama within the roleplay, but no narrator bullying or drama.

4. No comic relief troll characters, this is a serious roleplay friends.

5. All experiments or otherwise must conform to these rules and wait upon form approval before roleplaying.

6. Only The administrator and creator (me) can make alterations to plot, roleplayers have freedoms to describe scenery but any altering of plot with not be allowed.

7. Due to the year gap between the start of the facility in 2031 and the current year being 2048 the oldest a character can be is 33 and the youngest being 6. For back story purposes the oldest child that can be taken is 16 years old no older will the laboratory accept a kid.

8. Profanity and extreme language are allow but must be censored

E.x. Sh!t

9. One is required to post in third person and with proper use of grammar. No text abbreviations of words allowed. 

❌U, Ur

✅ You, Your

❌*walks into bar*

❌*I walked into the bar*

✅*She walked into the bar and took a seat at the counter as she glanced to the bartender.*

10. Please avoid simple one-liners, they are allowed but this is a literate roleplay and no one can do much with a single line.

11. In order to roleplay you must put the password in your form, Password is hidden within the rules.

12. Let me reiterate that you MUST make an experiment before you are allow a ravager or a scientist, as the story specifically follows the experiments.

13. Ok let me clarify,  do NOT make a ravager or scientist and expect them to betray the laboratory and help the experiments.  It might be fun and dramatic but the ravagers and scientist are NOT going to be in the chapters after the first few.  Once the experiments escape they are on their own,  ravagers will have some minor stage time but they do not pertain to the main plot,  the rp revolves around the experiments, NO ONE ELSE. These are scientist and a government organization they are smart and will likely catch you trying to betray them before you can actually do it.

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