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So I was told to clarify cause it is apparently not obvious in the description and other parts of the rp so here I'll clarify certain things for you so you can't complain that I never told you.


Ravagers and Scientist are of little importance to the plot they only push the plot along they WILL not have much screen time after the first few chapter, because one the experiments escape the experiments will be on their own. I have zero intention of anyone helping the out because its all about the experiments not being accepted by anyone except themselves, they are to be entirely alone with each other. The laboratory takes VERY good care to keep from being betrayed as they are VERY smart and a government organization. Ravagers are only accepted as ravagers when they have proven the will execute orders and shoot to kill without hesitation, they are trained for years before they are sent into the field by this point absolute loyalty to the lab has been drilled into their head. Just like only the best of the best are accepted as personnel into the lab. The lab executes every precaution to prevent betrayal because they aren't stupid. This is why only level 7 staff are told of the human experimentation because at this point they know they can trust the staff with that information. The lab control its personnel in various ways, as it is a government facility is is heavy duty and metal. Ravager humans who have bionic parts are controlled through the kill switch embedded into their electric limbs issued by the lab so they will be electrocuted if they try to betray the lab, and this WILL be noticed because scientist can monitor vitals and people have eyes not to mention wolves/dog can smell certain emotions on a person. If one is suspected of betraying the lab they WILL be killed on the spot without question, this lab is not moral and government laws do not apply here for the safety of the experiments and the lab. This place is run by a dictatorship the dictator being the Founder, in this case his daughter, the new head.

NO ONE has access to the experiments accept level X personnel so nobody will have any time to interact with any of the experiments, and most of the interaction that occurs is directly with the head of the facility Level X scientist only give the daily injections and these scientist are among the most trusted those who share similar views with the head they will likely NOT betray the lab a they all only care about the prospect of creating evolution. On top of this the lab keeps files on EVERYONE they can run background checks and take every security measure to make sure someone will not betray them before they are even accepted to be staff. Just know, no one will be betraying the lab because that isn't going to be apart of the story, no one will be helping the experiments except one personnel person of which I control as they will help direct the plot.

Experiments will not be reuniting with their family, while yes they might go and visit them after they have established a good hiding place, they will not be living with their family and nor with their family accept them, this rp expresses the cruelty of the world its about the isolation of the experiments, accepted by no one, not their families, not the scientists and no one will believe you if you told them you were experimented on by a secret lab designed for force evolution, because "their government loves them". on top of this the ravager are still looking for the experiments when they leave, of course the FIRST place they'll look is where it was last know for you to have lived,because who wouldn't want the reunite with family.

All experiments will be living together after their escape, they will have to run from the ravagers and constantly be in hiding from society and from the lab so as to avoid being killed. This roleplay is more of an action rp and less of a romance one, there are VERY limited romance opportunities, you want your characters to fall in love? then it will have to be with another experiment cause no one else will be around, though I will accept a few extraneous case if they fit with all the information posted here.

Experiments DO NOT have ANY interaction with one another outside of being locked in their cages in the cage room where they can only talk through the cages, of course they will have more interaction once they escape, but right now they can only interact there.

If you have any further questions post them in the comments here and I will clarify, Sorry if i don't think to break down everything for you guys right off the bat, i'm TRYING to keep certain parts a secret but clearly I can't do that.

Update: Do NOT question my rules or what I do with MY rp, you don't like how its built, you can leave, it is NOT yours it is MINE what I say goes, no if, than, buts, about it. You ask a question I answer, thats that, do not tell me my answer is 'Stupid' or 'Illogical' cause trust me honey its PRETTY dayum logical, so accept it how its is and do not give me crap about how I run what is MINE. No one cares what your opinion is on the way the rp is build or the way it works.

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