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Were sun rays of hope forming a rainbow of happiness to replace the storms of my life? Or was it the other way round?

"Rainbow..." he started talking. I looked up at his sparkling orbs. What was he going to say?

"Do you know that rainbow is formed when unicorns fart?" And why did I thought that he is normal?

I shook my head and kept on walking, while he stopped at a certain point. "Why are you doing this? What if a corpse get out of its coffin?" "It can't happen. What are you? A kiddo?" I said rolling my eyes.

We reached the wooden house, the only house in the whole ground. Who else would desire to live in a cemetery ground?

"T-this is your h-house?" He asked, to which I replied with a nod. "So...so are we going inside now?" He asked blankly.

"No, we are going to stand here for eternity." I replied sarcastically. "What if the corpse come o-" "SHUT UP!"

The door of the house creaked open and someone came out. Eomma.

Her hair was messed up, her eyes were encircled with dark circles and her body was skinny. Her skin was pale and lips have always been dry. "W-who is she?" "The ghost." I replied.

"W-w-wh-what a-are you tal-talking about??? P-please don't sca-scare me. I will pee in my pants." He almost cried. "That's what people say." I replied calmly, to which his face changed into a serious one and he stared straight on my face.

"They think that she is a ghost, living in the middle of a cemetery ground. They say that I live with a ghost. Well, that was what they said before. Now, she is supposedly a hoe, right? Didn't you heard that in school today from anyone? She is the person who spent nights with diffe-" I broke out crying before I could finish the sentence.

He soothed my back. "Don't cry. What if your Mom sees?" He said. "How did he know that she is my Mom?" I thought.

I looked up at him. "Yeah I know that she is you Mom." Did he just read my mind???

"Because you look like her. Pretty." I blushed and looked away while he smiled. "Stop hitting on me." I coldly said to which he chuckled.

"YAH! Y/N IS THAT YOU?" Eomma shouted and both of us looked at her. "YES EOMMA." I shouted back and walked towards her while Taehyung followed me.

"Anneyonghaseyo, I am Jungkook." My Mom smiled but mine disappeared. "No you are not! Do you forget your name Taehyung?" I said. He shut his eyes tight and rubbed his forehead.

"Mianhae." He said. "I...I was just thinking something." "It's okay." My Mom said. "Come inside both of you, You both are wet."

Some people are just unexpected. They enter your life when you had no clue of what was going on.

Some people are just unpredictable. They could do anything anytime when you can't even imagine about it.

Some people are just amazing, they could change everything.

Some people are just amazing, they could change everything

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Hyuna's POV

"Is he home yet??? No???? I TOLD YOU THAT HE IS MENTAL, WHY DIDN'T YOU BELIEVE ME? HOW COULD YOU SIMPLY LEAVE HIM ALONE???" Father yelled at me from the other side of the phone, but, was it my fault overall?

Was it my fault that Oppa hates me?

I closed my eyes and tears escaped, running down my cheeks, moistening them. My father's continuous scolding passed through my mind while I just got lost in those memories.

The good memories.

My eyes were closed. I could see it.

Eomma was carrying Oppa in her lap while I stretched my hands out to hit him somehow. "Hyuna, there's no need of trying. Mom won't let you harm me!" He chuckled. "And you stole my cookies!" I replied to which he stuck out his tongue. Eomma laughed at our silliness and Oppa buried his head in her chest laughing.

"Eomma, Tae ate my cookies." "TAE???" He said,  bewildered. I just nodded. "I'm your Oppa, okay? Call me Oppa and I'll give you cookies!" "But we are twins!" "No buts!" "Okay." I pouted.

"Hyuna." Eomma said in a sweet voice.

I suddenly opened my eyes, as if I heard that voice for real. I wish.

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