Chapter 33:

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The next day I was at Shelby Company Lmtd in Pol's office, discussing with her the details of the King's becoming a legal organization. I'd given myself space from the other Shelby's, especially Tommy, wanting to teach them a lesson about family and where their loyalties really lay. I mean this was coming from someone who had no family left to be loyal to. I knew that life was too short to argue about petty rivalries and enemies; the only thing that really mattered was supporting one another. I didn't want the Shelby's to regret not supporting Ada in the future, and I didn't want Ada distancing herself from the family because of some pathetic rivalry. At the end of the day, I just wanted everyone to get along. God only knew that the Blinder's and the Kings had enough common enemies to last a lifetime.

Giving myself space from Tommy had been the hardest, but he had to be taught a lesson. That you couldn't just resort to violence every time every little thing didn't go your way. Despite the troubled history between him and Freddie, it hurt me to see Tommy not support his sister on what is meant to be one the happiest days of her life.

That's why I was so determined to change things.

As if on cue Tommy made his way into Shelby Company Lmtd. His eyes searched the room until they landed on me, and with that, he made his way over.

'There you are' He sighed. 'I've been looking for you everywhere'

'Well you found me' I said not looking up from my paperwork.

 'The cold shoulder?' He questioned raising an eyebrow. 'Still?'

I looked up at him from where I was perched on the desk.

'Have you given Freddie and Ada your blessing?'

'Have I fuck' He replied, his stubborn nature shining through.

I turned my attention back to the paperwork in my hands.

'Then the cold shoulder it is'

He sighed beginning to get annoyed with my stand-offish attitude.

'I hate arguing' He placed his hand on my thigh, his thumb softly stroking it. 'Can't we just put this all behind us?'

As much as it killed me to do so, I pushed his hand off my leg and looked up at him.

'I'm off limits until you give Ada and Freddie your support'

He lit a smoke and shook his head.

'It's not as easy as you think'

'What's not easy about it?' I questioned. 'You just go round their house and give them your congratulations' 

'But I hate the son of a bitch'

'So?' I chuckled. 'This isn't about you, this is about Ada'

He groaned rubbing the side of his face as I continued.

'Look, it's pretty obvious that Freddie and her are in love, and that should be all you want for your sister'

He looked up at me and tilted his head.

'Will it make you happy if I go and give them my blessing'

I grinned wide from ear to ear.

'Very much. Ada even more so'

He sighed, knowing he wasn't gonna win this battle.

He nodded in defeat.

'Fine. I'll go round right now'

I grinned wide from ear to ear, happy that I had managed to actually get through to him. 

He smirked, a devilish glint glowing in his eyes.

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