Chapter 8:

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The next morning me and Tommy booked a meeting with each-other at the Garrison to discuss the fine details of our partnership and to sign any necessary documents and papers. Zelda was less than pleased with the alliance. She stated, and I quote, that we were basically 'going into business with Satan himself'. I couldn't blame her for her apprehension about the situation. She'd grown up with the Peaky Blinder's and had seen first hand what they were capable of, not to mention the things we'd endured the last couple of days- she was bound to be nervous.

'I really don't have a good feeling about this' She muttered biting her nails.

'Z we're gonna be fine' I said picking up some bookmaker forms and putting them in my bag. 'I've already put some legal precautions in place just in case they screw us over with this partnership'

Her eyebrow raised. 'What kind of precautions?'

I grinned giving her a knowing look. 'That's for me to know and you to find out'

She rolled her eyes at my comment causing me to chuckle. 'Anyway i don't know why you're so worried about us going into business with the Peaky Blinders when you wanna court one of them'

My indirect comment caused Zelda's mouth to drop open. 'I do not! Me and Michael are just friendly, nothing more nothing less'

I smirked zipping my bag shut. 'I never mentioned Michael's name, but it's interesting he was the first Shelby to come to mind'

Zelda's cheeks instantly reddened in realisation of what i'd just done. She rolled her eyes playfully attempting to change the subject. 'Whatever. Just please be careful, you know what they're capable of'

I nodded trying my best to reassure her. 'And vise versa'

She smirked knowing what i meant as i put my coat on. 'I'll be back in about an hour, in the mean time try not to drool over Michael'

I narrowly missed the bralette Zelda threw at me for that comment; I chuckled making my way out of the shop and onto the cobbled streets of Small Heath.

It should be noted that although i was going into business with the Peaky Blinders, it did not mean i trusted them. If they screwed me over i would not be going down alone, i would be dragging their sorry assess down with me. I was a lady like that. After what happened the other night i couldn't be too careful, i had to have measures put in place to protect me and Zelda if things turned sour.

After making my way through the smokey and smog filled streets of Small Heath i finally made it to the Garrison. I pulled out the plan of action i had detailed in regards to the alliance between Jones' Betting Business and Shelby's Company Ltd, before pushing open the doors of the pub and entering.

'Let's get to work. I want to go through these contracts with a fine tooth-comb before anything is made official'

I looked up to see where Tommy was, and that's when the world seemed to come to a stand still. My breathing became un-even as my head began to spin. This was not happening. This was not real.

'Well, well, well' The sickly voice of Billy Kimber rang through my ears as he got up from his seat. 'Long time no see Miss Jones. Everyone was wondering where you'd run off too'

'Yeh well you can tell everyone to mind their own damn business' I snapped, wanting nothing more than the ground to swallow me up there and then. I'd obviously walked into a heated discussion between Kimber and the Shelby's. Arthur's furrowed expression and John's hard eyes told me that much - not to mention Billy's 2 bodyguards who made a point in showing that they were in fact carrying guns.

Kimber chuckled complacently, edging closer to where i stood. 'Always were a feisty little thing weren't you' He squeezed my cheeks roughly.

I slapped his hand away and stepped back from where he was standing. 'Don't touch me'

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