Chapter 17:

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I regained my composure and stood tall. I was not gonna let him intimidate me like he used to when I was younger. I wasn't that little girl anymore.

'I stopped being your sister a long time ago George'

He stepped closer, his tall frame towering over my small one. He gripped my cheeks with his right hand and leaned forward.

'Wither you like it or not Em we're blood, and I always protect my own'

I slapped his hand away and raised an eyebrow, squinting my eyes harshly. 'Is that what you told Lenny?'

George gritted his teeth in anger, his hands balling into fists at the mention of our deceased brother. The resentment radiated off him, his face turning purple as he inched closer to where I stood.

'You dare mention that man's name to me'

I had to admit I was a little scared, I always was when it came to George, but there was no way I was gonna let him know that. I stepped forward, making him step back, a stern look on my face.

'I will do whatever the fuck I want George, you don't own me anymore'

I pushed passed him and made my way over to the two men he had come with.

'Victor, it's been too long' I smiled pulling the sturdy 30-year-old man in for a hug.

He chuckled heartily embracing me warmly. 'Hello little one'

I giggled in his arms before pulling away and turning to the other man.

I grinned giddily. 'Stubzyyyyyyy'

He smirked matching my expression, opening his arms up wide.


I beamed running into his arms as he caught me and spun me around.

'Where did the time go?' He sighed putting me back down on the floor.

'I know' I nodded a little solemn at remembering how much time had actually passed.

Victor and Stubzy were two of my dad's old friends back when he used to run The Kings. When my dad died in the war my eldest brother George took over, and even though me and George could hardly stand to be in the same room as each other, the same sentiment doesn't lie with the rest of The Kings. I loved the family aspect of it, and considered many of the people in the gang a part of my family, but as circumstances changed and the people closest to me began to get hurt, I knew I had to get out.

So that's what I did.

I left 3 years ago, and have been on the run ever since.

That was until I came to Birmingham.

Overall there was never any bad blood between me and The Kings, just bad blood between me and George.

Really bad blood.

I sighed, knowing I couldn't avoid Tommy's heavy stare forever.  I looked over at him on the other side of the room to see that his expression was stone cold, but even he couldn't hide the burning anger and confusion in his eyes.

I knew what it must have looked like from his perspective. A strange girl comes to Birmingham one day and is determined to compete with Shelby Company Lmtd with her own bookmakers. Said girl doesn't conform to the usual fear laced with the rule of the Peaky Blinder's and even goes as far as to argue and offend their leader Tommy Shelby on a daily basis. This girl is trained in gun warfare, knows about London street gangs, and can handle herself in a fight.

He probably thought that I was a spy.
That everything I had ever told him, everything we had ever shared together, was all fake and a lie.


He was gonna hate me.

I tried to give Tommy a reassuring smile but was met with nothing but empty disdain.

George clapped his hands together, earning a jump from everyone in the room.

'I would introduce you to my sister Mr. Shleby, but my sources tell me you're already quite acquainted'

Tommy causally lit a cigarette, his demeanour controller and reserved.

'If by acquainted you mean I was fucking her brains out last night, then sure, we're acquainted'

I didn't even have time to blush before George lunged forward.


George pulled out his gun along with Stubzy and Victor, all 3 of them aiming at the Shelby brothers. However George underestimated the Peaky Blinders, who already had their guns out in front of them.

'I take it the deals off ' Victor questioned, watching the 3 men intently.

'There was never gonna be a fucking deal you prat' John spat.

'Yeh' Arthur continued. 'We ay gonna stop until we get our fair share of pubs down in London'

George stepped forward, gun still firmly placed out in front of him.

'You sure you wanna do that Mr Shelby?' He asked, his vision focused purely on Tommy. 'The Kings gave you a fair deal. You stop trying to take our pubs down in London and we'll stop wreaking havoc here in Birmingham. Are you really willing to risk a turf war over this little miss communication?'

Tommy turned his gun sideways.

'Like my brother said, we will take what we want from London, wither you like it or not'

George chuckled darkly, a certain anger shadowing his eyes. A look I had only seen once before.

'You have 3 days to change your mind Mr Shelby. If not, then war it is'

George moved closer, a sickly smirk forming on his lips.

'You have no idea what I'm capable of Mr Shelby, so I'd think long and hard before you decide what you and your little gang are going to do'

And with that George, Victor, and Stubzy lowered their guns. Just as they were about to exit the Garrison George turned to me, motioning for me to follow them.

When I didn't move his face turned to stone, pure outrage clouding his eyes.

'If you think you're staying here with these bastards you've got another thing coming. I will not let you disrespect The Kings like this, we're your own flesh and blood' He snarled, inching closer to where I stood.

'The Kings lost their respect the moment you took charge' I spat.

I knew what was coming before the words even left my mouth.

A sharp pain was left on my right cheek as George reached back and slapped me hard across the face.

'You know the things I'm capable of Emily, don't underestimate the things I can do' He said through gritted teeth.

He went to grab my arm and pull me out the Garrison doors, but before his hand even touched the sleeve of my coat Tommy jumped in-between us, his gun pointed straight at George's forehead.

'Touch her again and you're a dead man' He said lowly, his body emitting anger.

George shook his head and chuckled darkly. 'You should not have done that Mr. Shelby'

An eery silence fell over the pub as George, Victor and Stubzy stalked out the front doors. The anger of George's words left a lingering tension in the Garrison, the fear of his threats sending a cold shiver down my spine.

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