Chapter 31:

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*The Next Day*

Stubzy's speech at the funeral, along with all the support from Tommy, had given me the drive I needed to grab my life by the balls and finally take control. I organized a business meeting the next morning at 8am with myself, Stubzy, and the council of King's, to discuss the new future of the company and what I wanted it to represent.

I smiled widely sitting down at the little table I had set in Jones's betting business, carefully handing each of the men at the table a warm cup of tea to start the meeting off right.

I nodded, shuffling the papers I had set out in front of me.

'I'm glad you all could join me this morning. I know this meeting was a little impromptu, so I appreciate you all taking the time to be here'

There was a murmur of acknowledgment among the men as I continued.

'As Stubzy mentioned yesterday' I nodded in his direction before carrying on. 'The burial of my brother and my consequential taking over of the King's, represents a new era for the organization. Now, I know George lead the company down a treacherous path, but I'm here to change that'

I took a deep breath.

'I want the King's to be a 100% legitimate business'

There were swift and hurried whispers among the men as I continued.

'No more back-alley dealings. No more forged documents. Nothing that could possibly get the company in trouble with the law. I want a clean slate'

William, one of the highest acting members in the Kings, lowered his glasses.

'You do realize that more than half of the businesses the King's are associated with are corrupt in some shape or form. I'm mean even our newest associates, the Peaky Blinder's, are illicit'

I nodded, having guessed this subject would come up.

'I know this William. And I also know as long as the work we do with these illegitimate companies is legal, we ourselves cannot be reprehended'

The murmuring continued amongst the council, however Stubyz in particular, remained unusually quiet.

I continued.

'If I'm going to run this business I want to do it the right way'

Gordon, another senior member, nodded approvingly.

'It is going to take some time, but I think we can do it'

Phillip chuckled, leaning back in his chair.

'Although I know it's the honorable thing to do, I will miss the danger of it all'

I laughed shaking my head.

'You're forgetting one thing. Although George may be dead and buried, that doesn't mean his enemies are. I have a feeling that he may have pissed off a lot of people during his time as the leader of the Kings, and that we'll be paying the consequences of those actions very soon'

'So if we're going legitimate, how are we supposed to protect ourselves?' William asked.

I chuckled.

'We actually buy licensed guns instead of robbing them off carts and trucks going up north!'

That earned a bunch of laughs from the group of men, who knew all too well it was going to take some time for them to get accustomed to the legal life.

'And now onto my second point of business' I nodded, turning my attention to Stubzy.

'Stubzy' He looked up, curiosity coloring his eyes as I continued. 'I would like you to co-run the King's with me. I want us to be partners'

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