Chapter 24:

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We got back to the wedding to see everyone gathered in a big crowd around one of the Lee's caravans. Me and Tommy pushed our way through to see what all the commotion was about, but what we saw made us both take a step back. 2 horses lay dead on the floor with bullet wounds straight through their foreheads. Carved into their stomachs was a message, a message from the Kings.


The message had been carved into the horse's flesh with a knife, the deep cuts causing a stream of blood to form around everyone's feet.

Tommy ran a frustrated hand against his face and turned to everyone.

'I want you all to go back home and lock your doors. Don't do anything until you here further instructions from me.' He turned to Johnny Doggs. 'I need you to gather all the Lee men and meet me back at Shelby Company Lmtd'

Doggs nodded before swiftly gathering all the Lee families in order to tell them what they needed to do.

Arthur sighed shaking his head.

'How the fuck did they get into the wedding?'

I raised an eyebrow, my vision still focused on the two dead animals laying at my feet.

'Do you really need me to answer that?'

Arthur nodded, knowing that if there was a will there was a way. The Kings were professionals when it came to the gang lifestyle, a trick like this would have been childs play to them.

I could feel my breathing becoming un-even as my hands began to shake.

Tommy had to call off this war.

It wasn't worth it.

None of this was worth it.

The Kings were planning something big I could feel it.

Something bigger than what the Peaky Blinders had ever faced before.

Tommy turned to the group, the stress of the situation evident in the creases forming on his forehead.

'I want you all to go back to the house. I'll meet you there when I've sorted a few things out'

John grabbed Esme and the group began to make it's way to the cars on Tommy's instruction. I turned back to look at him and he nodded reassuringly, but even he couldn't hide the fragments of worry in his eyes.


Tommy arrived about half an hour after the rest of us. We all gathered in the work room and sat on various tables and chairs, a uneasy air filling the room. Despite the danger of the situation I couldn't help but feel sorry for John and Esme. Their wedding night had essentially been ruined and now they couldn't even enjoy being man and wife without the fear of something bad happening.

I nervously started picking at the varnish on my nails as Tommy stood up and addressed the room.

'As showcased by tonight, the Kings have made it clear we only have one day left to make a decision in terms of their offer. We either give them back their pubs and territory down in London, or we go to war'

Arthur threw back a shot of whiskey and slammed it on the table.

'I thought we'd already made a decision. We go to war. That's why we recruited the Lee's and our other reinforcements in Birmingham'

John nodded, smiling tenderly at Esme.

'I agree with Arthur. We haven't come all this way not to fight'

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