Chapter 10:

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Zelda and Michael had chosen a semi-posh restaurant just off O'connell street to be the venue for their first date. Z picked a dinner date so A) she could eat and B) she could always come and grab me from a neighbouring table if she felt things were going sour, which i very much doubted they would. I'd help Z dress to the nines, her slim figure sporting a tight wine red dress with a matching pair of kitten heels; Michael was gonna lose his mind when he saw her.

As for me, i was more than happy to attend the restaurant in a pair of baggy trousers and a loose cotton shirt, but Z said i had to make myself look at least a little bit presentable. In the end I resentfully threw on an old black dress paired with dark red lippy, just wanting my shadow date to go by as quickly as possible.

Out of all the fun things in Small Heath to do on a friday night, sitting in a crowded restaurant with Tommy Shelby sorting out tax returns was not one of them. I just couldn't be arsed to spend the next 3 hours of my life arguing over petty things with a man who embodied almost every quality i hated.

That doesn't change the fact his eyes make your knees weak

I mentally cussed the annoying voice in the back of my head. So what if i found Tommy attractive? That didn't change all the horrible things he'd done and would more than likely go on to do in the not so distant future. He was an arse, however it just so happened that he was an arse with dreamy eyes. That was it.

I shook my head, focusing on why I was doing this. Zelda deserved a good night out with a boy she liked, and i wasn't gonna let my whiny ass get in the way of that.

We walked into the restaurant to see Tommy and Michael already waiting outside. I hated to admit it, but Tommy scrubbed up well. Like Michael he was sporting a suit, however his was a casual tweed blend paired with a crisp white shirt and black polished shoes. I found it hard to tear my eyes away from the pleasant sight in-front of me.

We made our way over to where they were standing as Tommy's vision honed in on me. His eyes scanned the length of my body, slowly taking in every detail in-front of him. He licked his lips slowly, swallowing hard as his eyes did another once-over of my frame.

When his eyes finally met mine he seemed to snap out of the brief hypnotic state, his face becoming hard and expressionless once more.

Michael coughed nervously, grinning from ear to ear. 'Wow Zelda, you look beautiful'

She grinned bashfully, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. 'Thanks, you don't look too bad yourself'

Tommy turned to me.
'Going to a funeral?' He raised an eyebrow, gesturing to my all black attire.

I rolled my eyes infuriatingly.

'Yeh yours if you make another dickhead comment like that'

If mine and Tommy's date was gonna be filled with constant digs and insults at each-other then this was gonna be a long night.

Michael and Zelda awkwardly started to inch away from us, sensing the growth in tension already. He turned to Z, motioning to a table nearby. 'Shall we?'

She nodded eagerly; I gave her hand one last reassuring squeeze before she followed Michael's lead and left to enjoy her romantic dinner date.

Tommy gestured to an empty table nearby and we both sat down.

I placed a stack of paperwork in-between where we both sitting, sighing apathetically. 'What do you wanna start with first? Our joint finances or the race course fees?'

He took a menu from the middle of the table and started scanning it's contents. 'Why don't we actually order first before you get all hell-bent on our finances'

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