Chapter 1

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"I think were here" I say as I slow down the car outside a house with a open house sign out front.

Me and Rebecca (yes Rebecca black) step out of my convertible. The house is on big hill steep at the top and then sloped at the bottom. It's a White House with grey roofing. It's adorable and affordable. My and Rebecca have been house hunting in LA for so long and haven't really found anything yet.

We walk up the side walk leading to the front door. We walk into a foyr and a couple other groups are around us. When we turned the corner to go to the kitchen I bumped into someone. "Oh sorry," I said. "It's ok it was my fault," replies the tall guy. He is wearing all black low top converse and black skinny jeans with a light blue shortsleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled. He had light brown hair and his quiff game was strong, he was attractive. We just walked by each other and me and Rebecca finished touring the house.

We got into my car and I put on my black and gold ray bans. As we got in I saw the guy I bumped into get into a orange Kia soul with 3 other guys.

We decided to hit up chipotle and Starbucks for some lunch. As we got out if the car I put the top up cause it looked like it was going to rain. We walked

through the parking lot and walked past a orange Kia. I wonder if that's a coincidence.

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