Chapter 5

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We finished the roommate tag and it was just basically a complete joke. Connor put on some of his weird but cool music and everyone grabbed their boxes and started unpacking. I choose the smaller room all the way at the end of the hallway and connor choose the room next to mine and Ricky next to him(their room had a connecting door) and then a closet full of filming stuff then Rebecca then Sarai and JC and Kian took the rooms on the third floor.

My mattress was already in my room but I didn't bring my bed frame so I guess I was just going to be Jenna marbles and sleep on the floor. I don't really care. All my furniture was there already and I just needed to put away stuff. But I was missing my box of keepsakes and stuff. I just couldn't find it.

Then Connor came into my room with a box.

"I believe this is yours" he said

I thanked him and took the box. Then he decided upon himself to sit on my bed,on the floor.

"What's up?" I asked him

"I just finished unpacking in my room and just don't have anything to do" he said

"Oh ok well you can be useful then can you take these pictures and set them up on that desk and put my pottery boxes in the windowsill?" I asked him

He moved all my pottery to the window sill and nicely set up all my pictures on the windowsill. He laughed at some of the pictures I had because most of them we were posing funny. I had a picture with Ricky, Kian and JC. And one with Rebecca and Sarai. And then multiple others with other youtubers and friends.

"Why am I not in any of these pictures?" He asked

"I guess I just don't have a good one with you" I replied

"Well let's take on right now" he said as he grabbed my Polaroid out of one of the boxes.

He held the camera up in a selfie position and my both made peace signs and duck faces. It took a while to print and develop but when it finally did connor took a picture of it and posted it on twitter with the caption "first selfie in the house with @gwen_mcm!" I put the picture in a spare clear frame and put it with the others.

"Happy now?" I asked him

"Very" he said

Moments later my twitter mentions started blowing up all from Connors fans saying "I ship gwonnor!" Or "they are so cute" oh gosh.

We finished unpacking and everyone made their way down to the living room.

"So what movie do you want to watch?" Sarai asked "despicable me, frozen, or scary movie?"

We took a vote and ended up watching scary movie. We had 2 couches to sit on one facing the tv and the other sideways and a coffee table Inbetween. On the couch facing the tv there was connor then me then Sarai then kian and on the other couch there was JC then Ricky then Rebecca.

Sarai and Kian ended up basically laying on top of each other and me and connor were snuggled under a blanket.

Once the movie was over everyone ended up staying where they were and just went on their phones. Were such internet addicts.

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