Chapter 4-finally movin in

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Connor came in from his run and sat down next to me.

"Hey" he said

"Hey sorry bout last night" I said

"It's ok you barely made a sound, plus you didn't even kick or anything" connor said with a smile.

Wait we slept in the same bed. Well it was very comfy.

After finishing my toast I stood up and said that I should leave but Ricky refused to let me drive so he drived my car and me to my house while Kian followed in the Kia behind us. Ricky dropped me off out front and then jumped in the car with Kian.

Rebecca greeted me when I walked in and we chatted a bit then I went to change and take a shower to refresh myself from last night.

When I got out of the shower I got a text from Ricky saying they had settled on the house where we all first met. He was wondering if us and our soon to be new room mate would like to join and live there too because they loved the house but had too much space and it would be nice if they could split the bill more ways.

I told Rebecca and texted Sarai (one of my best friends and soon to be room mate(also krazyrayray)). It took some time but we finally agreed. We moved in in the next 2 weeks and Sarai flew down from Seattle and finally we had a great house with great friends.

Our new house was jam packed with boxes waiting to be unpacked. There was one clear wall in the foyr and we thought it would be a great idea for is to film the roommate tag after 5 minutes of living together 😂.

Connor got out his camera from a box and got Ricky's lights from another we all sat down on against the wall and started to film.

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