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Zaidee Carter

"Zaidee get up!" I heard one of my twin cousins yell, but I was too comfortable to say anything or move. Therefore, I didn't.

"Zaidee!!!" She yelled even louder.


"I'm up." I mumbled while shifting a bit. I heard her leave my room, closing the door behind her.

I rolled over- making sure not to roll too much or I'd roll right off the side of my twin sized bed.

Removing the cover from over my head, I opened up my eyes and looked at my white ceiling.

Time to start my day.

I tossed my covers to the side and got out of bed. Standing on my own two feet I stretched real good and let out a nice yawn.

I flipped my light on before slipping into my fuzzy house shoes. I grabbed the things I use for my morning routine and made my way out of my small bedroom.

I feel like I need to introduce myself...

I'm Zaidee Brielle Carter. Seventeen years young and I'd say I have a pretty good head on my shoulders. I'm a good girl and I have no problem letting people know that I am. I live with my aunt Jenna and her two twin daughters Nia and Tia. They were eighteen and went to school with me. I had been raised by my aunt my whole life. I was never introduced to my mother or father and I honestly don't even know if they're alive or what they look or may have looked like. But I was fine with that. I never grew up with them so it's not like I had to adjust to living without them- they were never there in the first place. I had an older sister named Zana, but she stays way on the other side of town, she's in college now.

As for me and my home life, I don't have much, but I appreciate everything I have and I learn how to make it work. My aunt was a nice person but she only gave me half of the eight hundred dollar check I received each month. I don't know why and I don't ask any questions about it. I buy everything for myself clothes, hygiene products, hair products, shoes, I pay my own phone bill. I feel like if I received my whole check things wouldn't be so tight with me financially. But it is what it is.

I don't have many friends at school, just one that I really talked to, her name was Deja and she was almost my polar opposite. But we were real close and I'd known her for several years.

I wasn't the prettiest girl, Well in my opinion. I was insecure. I'm not a very tall girl, I'm barely 5'5. I had a smooth chocolate skin tone that wasn't always as clean and clear as it is now. I battled with acne starting in the 5th grade and finally got rid of it my sophomore year of high school. I had some thick eyebrows that had a curvy arch in them, and my eyes were dark brown and my eyelashes were long and curly. I had some full lips and some pretty nice straight clean teeth I guess. As for my body- it wasn't banging. I didn't have as much as the girls at my school had but I did have enough. I had some Brazilian kinky like hair that stopped halfway down my back even though I don't think I'm any percent Brazilian- to be honest I can't really say what I am because I don't know my parents. But I'm positive I had to get my good hair from one of them.

I mainly kept to myself at school. I had too good of a reputation and coming from the hood- your reputation was everything. The way people talked of you because of how you acted played a major role. Reputation is something I'm always gonna care about. I just don't like dirt on my name.

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