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"where should i bring jimin for our date?" jungkook asks seriously as he sits on the stool, leaning on the counter separating the kitchen and living room in yoongi's apartment. taehyung coughs, face in mild surprise, "you? have a date? with my soulmate? how much did you pay him" jungkook narrows his eyes and is so close to taking the stool beside him and throwing it to the other if not for yoongi's challenging stare.

"just bring him for a movie or something? jimin likes cliché, sappy romantic things like that since he's emotional and a soft little baby chick so i swear to god jeon jungkook if you hurt him i will-" yoongi pinches the bridge of his nose once they start bickering childishly again, taehyung sticking his tongue out at jungkook when yoongi asks them to stop.

"jungkook maybe you should think about it yourself? i mean you do want this to be special don't you? plan out everything so that it'll go smoothly. if i were you, i would bring him to places that will at least perk his interests. it'll show him that you're attentive to the things he likes" the black haired eyes suddenly lights up and he hops off his seat, "i got it! i got it! oh god yes the things he likes, ugh my mind. alright thanks hyungs, gotta go" jungkook waves a hand at them and leaves, yoongi gaping at him. "did he just-" but taehyung shushes him and pulls him down to the couch to cuddle again and all is good.

"hey guys! so for today's get ready with me, i'm going to go for a simple look since i'm going out on a date!" jimin gives a shy smile to the camera and settles himself in his seat in front of his mirror. the brown haired starts with his usual preparation for his face, toner, primer and then starts with his foundation, only adding a little so that his skin can still breathe. he makes small talks in between so that the video wouldn't be silent and starts applying his eyeshadow primer before taking a palette amongst the mess on his table. "since i'm going for a natural look today, i'm gonna be using the tarte toasted eyeshadow palette. i'm not going to add in too much colours so we'll just start off with latte in the middle- oh i fucking love this bitch" he laughs and continues applying it to his eye when the door beeps open, jungkook's voice being heard in the background.

"holy shit who are looking so pretty for?" jungkook breathes out, stopping in his tracks as he stares at the male in front of him. "did it hurt?" he didn't even let jimin answer his first question but jimin stops blending in his eyehadow and tilts his head in confusion, "what do you mean kook?" jungkook takes slow steps and stops just behind the camera, leaning against the side of jimin's table, crossing his arms and his lips looks so pouty and soft jimin wants to kiss it. "when you fell from heaven? did it hurt?" jungkook looks so serious, eyebrows furrowed together and fixing jimin a look but the said male can't stop the laughter bubbling up in his throat, head thrown back as giggles filled in the air.

"oh my god i. . .i wasn't expecting that kook ah. i probably look so ugly with one eye done and then laughing god" jimin scrunches his nose and playfully glares at the male before picking up his brush to continue his make up. "is the sky green? you're never ugly so i don't want to hear it coming out of your mouth again"

"for you. you asked me who i'm looking pretty for didn't you? i don't know anyone else by the name of jungkook who i'm going on a date with today except for you. and done! now i'll just put on some highlighter with my sun dipped glow kit from abh. remember, there's nothing as too much highlight babes eventhough i'm not putting as much as i usually do today. lastly. . ." jungkook feels captivated as he watches jimin put on his lip balm and spray his setting spray onto his face but remembers he has a date to go to and pads to his room, taking a shower before putting on his outfit he had chosen today, a black button down folded to his elbow with his usual ripped jeans. he spritzes some cologne on and styles his hair, bangs falling down his forehead before stepping out, feels like air is knocked out from his lungs when jimin steps out from his room as well, looking as ethereal as ever with a silk black long sleeve shirt and tight black fitting jeans that outlines his defined thighs. perhaps jungkook wants to drool.

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