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holy shit the guy's voice sounded like jungkook oof

oh shit didn't jk say he was moving out since yoongi's boyfriend is moving in w him?? what if AKHSKS OMG

the way jimin looks at him he is: whipped

you're so beautiful jiminie ))):

jimin smiles as he scrolls through his latest video's comments, smile growing wider each time he sees a comment about the guy behind the camera. "honestly i don't even look that whipped" he huffs softly before moving away from his laptop and entering his room to have a bath after a tiring day of practice.

jungkook's not coming home till seven, having to stay back for soccer practice since seoul national is preparing for the championship starting soon this year. jungkook and him had knew more about each during the past few weeks, and eventhough jimin knew jungkook is a soccer player he doesn't mention it because wouldn't that be weird? he would realise i have a (massive) little crush on him oh my god.

apparently jungkook doesn't know jimin is majoring in dance and is the president of the club at that. he shouldn't have been surprised since jimin does post dance covers occasionally but he's still amazed when jimin told him more about himself.

they would really be that couple if they dated wouldn't they? captain of the soccer team and president of the performing arts. "how i wish" jimin shook the thoughts away as he drains the water from the tub and wipes himself before slipping on a long sleeve white loose shirt and contemplates between wearing his boxer or black laced panties he just bought. no one really knows he likes to wear "girl's things" except for make up other than taehyung because they are sworn platonic soulmates who trusts each other with their lives but he does like wearing them. it makes him feel pretty. after a few minutes, he slips on the panties and steps out of his room, noticing that it was only six hence he wouldn't have to slip on sweatpants till later when jungkook comes home.

he feels quite soft today and looks down at his outfit with a smile before trudging to the kitchen. dance practice today really sucked all the energy in him. even taehyung complained all the way home on how jimin was being a bit stern than usual during practice but competitions are starting soon and they have to win, they have to keep their first place that has been happening for four years in a row, they have to be the best of the best.

the male ran his hair through his damp light brown hair -yes he dyed it again- and took out meat from the freezer and other ingredients to cook tonight's dinner. jungkook amd him switch between cooking and doing chores so it's even and jimin feels warm at the domesticity but has to remind himself not to get too deep in his headspace everytime that butterflies erupt in his stomach.

he's halfway through stirring the stew he's making when he realises he didn't put in any salt and puts down the ladle, opening the cabinet above and curses jungkook for putting it on the second shelf. he reaches up on his toes, shirt riding up a little, his panties showing, when the door beeps open.

he doesn't hear it, too busy trying to grasp the shaker but when he hears jungkook's voice, his blood runs cold and he freezes, "jimin i got dismissed early today since coach wanted us to have a little rest before the season starts so why don't we go-" he hears the hitch in jungkook's voice and knows jungkook has probably really look at his direction and is seeing what he is wearing currently.

jimin slowly turns around and sees jungkook looking at him with dark, piercing eyes. god he looks so good, football jersey still on him with his hair pushed up, a hot fucking mess. "you weren't supposed to reach home till seven" he finally musters to breathe out, so soft that he thinks he might be saying it to himself. that is until jungkook leaves his sports bag by the door and joins him in the kitchen, jimin taking a step back hesitantly when jungkook starts moving closer, stopping him with a hand on his chest while his eyes shoots down, cheeks burning in embarassment. a finger tips his chin up and the way jungkook looks at him makes his stomach churn, biting his bottom lip anxiously.

"you look so fucking pretty jimin" the latter looks at him them, eyes turning wide at the raw words and his cheeks are probably bright red but hearing the words falling off jungkook's lips makes him go dizzy, heart beating so fast he thinks it might burst out. "i. . .i actually wanted to put on my sweats i swear! but i thought you would be back at seven i just- i thought" he ends up groaning as he starts squirming, when jungkook's hand suddenly lands on his waist, startling him.

"jungkook?" it's so ridiculous right now, how he's trapped in a corner in those clothing but it's ten times more surprising how jungkook didn't look disgusted with him wearing panties because he knows jungkook saw them, there was no way he didn't, jimin practically was stretching so high to try and get the goddamn salt.

"go on a date with me"

shocked orbs stares right back at him as jimin sputters out a "what?" loudly, feeling faint when jungkook brings down the hand on his chin to lace their hands together, eyes turning soft and so so fond.

"go out with me jimin, fuck i've liked you since i started watching your videos a few months ago, yes i know i said i don't really watch them but guess what? it was a lie!" jungkook laughs softly, making the male in fornt of him giggle a little, still letting jungkook talk. "i've been watching your videos ever since i saw that make up tutorial you uploaded appear on my dashboard and fell in love. i. . .god jimin you're so fucking beautiful and i can't really hide it anymore the fact that i want to hold your hand and hug you and kiss you and being room mates with you these past few weeks have been a blessing but i can't really hold myself back knowing that you're-" his words dies on his tongue when jimin presses a kiss to his cheek, effectively silencing him.

"shut up jungkook. yes, yes i will go on a date with you" jungkook's lips break into a wide smile, jimin wrapping his hands around his neck and pushing his face into the crook of the younger's neck, sighing out softly.

jungkook kisses him back on the cheek this time, before letting the other finish up his stew, miraculously not burned from how long they've been talking. jimin doesn't change into his sweatpants, he'll talk about it later to the other when they're eating dinner.

"so, you didn't tell me you like, you know," jungkook shrugs to point out jimin clothing, "wearing those things" jimin bursts out laughing, hands coming up to his face to cover himself up when jungkook scoots closer, pulling the hands off his face.

"well i can't exactly tell you hey jungkook i like wearing panties and thigh highs so if you see me in those around the house don't be surprised when i don't even know if you looked at me that way" jungkook plays with jimin's small fingers, humming, "well i don't know whether you like me either" he looks up at jimin and sees the brown haired rolling his eyes, "really? jungkook i'm always shy around you when i'm not even shy around others, i literally scream at taehyung everytime you upload something on youtube back then and i still do, i knew things about you but kept silent this whole time because i didn't want to come out as weird and you tell me you don't know whether i like you or not?"

"well you told me you watch my videos because you saw them appearing on your dashboard one day, how would i know you scream over them hm?" jimin flushes, pulling his fingers away from jungkook and huffs, lips poking out.

"i'm fine with it you know, about what you like wearing, i'm not weird about it at all. you look so gorgeous right now do you even realise?" now jimin looks at him again, eyes wide, "really?"

"really, bubs. you're so cute i want to spoil you so much. i'll do it, when we go out tomorrow and the days after tomorrow if it goes well" jimin makes a muffled sound and pushes himself into jungkook's lap, to hell with restraints, jungkook's so sweet he wants to cry.

"you're going to be my baby soon"

jimin makes a pleased little sound and curls in closer, jungkook's arms around his waist squeezing tighter.

hello, i apologise for the long wait everyone )): if anyone is still reading this book, thank you so much. i really am very busy with finals and stress from school so please understand if this story will put on hold after another one or two chapters till mid nov as i will be on hiatus due to my major exams. if you're waiting for me, thank you and i love you.

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