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oh my god it IS JK KSLSKSK


jimin and jeongguk dating??? I THINK THE FUCK YES

holy fuck the way jimin looks at him, if they don't date THIS INSTANT

lol all this comments. . .jimin's probably straight and y'all be popping off like that huh

to jimin's surprise, his latest video has surpassed five million views, just because jungkook was mentioned, and his follower count has been increasing more quickly, almost reaching the four million mark soon.

"kook-ah, i think my viewers like you more already" jimin pouts as jungkook turns from his study table, raising one brow at his baby. "what can i say, people like me easily" he chuckles and jimin sits up from his laying position on jungkook's bed, throwing one the pillows to his face, jungkook raising his hands to avoid the hit, laughing teasingly.

"when are you recording your next video?" jimin shrugs, "i haven't think of a new video content yet" jungkook hums, pushing himself closer to his boyfriend with the chair, carding a hand through the male's soft locks. "how about a 'my boyfriend does my make up' or 'my boyfriend chooses my make up' video" he sees jimin's eyes lighting up at the suggestion, a smile forming on his lips.

"you just want an excuse to be in my video don't you?" jungkook grins, pressing a kiss to jimin's cheek before going back to his table, "that way people know you're mine now. . ." he hears jimin snort and rolls his eyes although there's a smile tugging on his lips.

"okay then i'll go with the idea of you doing my make up, how about we film tomorrow before going to class? you better do a good job because i'll be in school the whole day" jungkook nods without even looking, already absorbed in his study and soon jimin gets up too and saunters off to start his own assignments.

"i'm already beginning to think that this is a bad idea- jungkook! that's my blending sponge oh my god. do you even know how to do this?" jungkook laughs as jimin finally enters the camera frame after setting it up. they're sitting at jimin's vanity area, the lights blinding.

"i watch your make up tutorials religiously baby, i think i'm okay" jimin narrows his eyes in disbelief but turns to the camera in the next second. "hi guys! as you all know, or have guessed, this is jungkook! and he's my room mate-"

"boyfriend!" jimin laughs despite glaring at the male next to him, "yes boyfriend. . .and today he's going to be the one doing my make up! i hope i'll look at least presentable for today once this ends but anyways, lets get started!"

"you've put on your toner already right?" jimin nods, jungkook rummaging through the many tubes of foundation, concealer, gloss and others till he finds the primer and squeezes a little on his palm. "i'm going to use this primer by fenty beauty on my baby since it smells good" he gently dabs the product on the brown haired face, pulling himself closer. "okay! next, your brows. hmm you don't really go bold on those so i'll just do it lightly. come here" he holds jimin's face in his hand, turning it to make it easy for him and gently draws his brows, letting out a satisfied sound when he didn't mess up.

"next, i'll be using fenty beauty's foundation in the shade. . .110" he squeezes it onto his hand before taking the blending sponge and putting little dots all over his face, laughing softly. "wait do you just use the sponge or a brush?"

"you choose baby, i'm not gonna say anything" jungkook looks at the sponge in his hands and then the collection of brushes on the desk, going through it to find the foundation brush before giving up, "i think the sponge is fine" jimin muffles a soft laugh as the other starts blending in the foundation onto his face, down to his neck and turns his face side to side to make sure everything is covered. the younger continues with concealer and setting powder before putting on the eyeshadow primer, "what are going to do for my eyeshadow?"

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