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"shut the fuck up look at my highlight bitch" taehyung wheezes from the couch as jimin films his review on the new glow palatte from anastasia beverly hills. jimin laughs with him, peeking from behind his camera to look at his bestfriend who's watching as he dusts the powder on his cheekbones.

"worth the money?" taehyung asks as he saunters over, going behind the blonde haired, "hey guys!" as he waves enthusiastically to the camera. "i think i'm going to marry this- guys butterscotch and starburst are sex, look at this" jimin tilts his face to the side, letting the camera catch the glow before turning back after doing a few poses.

"hurry up and finish, i'm starving" jimin hums before shooing him away, giving his review and usual platitude to his viewers before waving to the camera and standing up to stop the recording.

"should i wipe my makeup off?" jimin asks as he keeps his foundation and makeup brushes back into the individual boxes, tidying up the place and taking one more look of himself in the mirror before walking over to sit next to the other male.

"nah, you look bomb in it. now can we go? i can swallow up a cow at this point" jimin punches the male's arm before chuckling, both of them walking out their shared dorm towards the cafe across the college they're studying at.

both males have been friends since they were in their diapers, growing up together till they became attched to the hip and it was a year ago when jimin had told taehyung about his interest in creating a youtube channel to express his love for women's beauty products because a male can wear makeup too.

of course taehyung had encouraged him and thanks to that, jimin now has a decent three million subscriber count which increases every day, two million followers on his instagram account which he appreciates and is grateful for and money that is enough for him to live by and get the things he wants. youtube has become a part of his life now, making videos and vlogging too. he didn't expect to get this much love and attention from his viewers or fans but apparently he did which is why he thanks them in each of his videos, even in his vlogs.

so how can anyone exactly dislike him?

as both boys settle in a booth after ordering their usuals and receiving complements from people who knew them because of course, taehyung has a youtube account too, a place where he makes vlogs and talks about fashion critics, mostly because he thinks he is somesort of fashion model as jimin says, totally not mentioning the sarcasm.

but they are living the life, through making videos and studying in college with damce practices every two times a week, they're coping good. they're living together, eating together, studying together. . .taehyung has a boyfriend? taehyung is moving out?

"you, you're actually the worst best friend to ever exist" jimin points an accusing finger as him and taehyung fake gasps, earning looks from customers that made both of them burst out into quiet laughters behind their hands.

"fuck you, i'm the best person you have ever met. like literally who fucking spent two hours with you in fucking sephora? me bitch" taehyung flips his hair, crossing his arms.

"oh please, like you didn't went crazy over rihanna's foundation and highlighter. i have receipts for the three shades of highlighter and two tubes of foundation you purchased kim taehyung shi" jimin smirks, crossing his arms as wells which made taehyung stick his tongue out as their food arrives.

"okay seriously, how the hell am i supposed to find a new dorm mate in one week? give me a fucking warning next time" jimin swirls his pasta and brings it up to the male's lips, taehyung eating it up with a contented smile on his face.

"we can put up an ad online? or we can just ask yoongi's dorm mate to move in with you? that sounds like a good idea to me. look, i know you're not actually worrying over that. come on jiminie, yoongi lives like two doors next two us, just because i move out doesn't mean i'm not going to see you forever darling" seeing the blonde rolling his eyes makes him sigh, taking a sip of his drink.

"plus, when you find a new dorm mate, i need to see whether he's good enough for you or he's out because no one is harming my best friend"

"i'm not five tae"

"whatever, it's still going to happen anyways, you can't stop me" jimin shakes his head, both of them continuing to chatter as they finish up their dinner, thinking of who to settle for taehyung's replacement. it's not that jimin can't live alone, but having one more presence in a room is always better.

"shut the fuck up, you're actually going to kick me out? how are you a good hyung?" jungkook flops onto the couch next to yoongi, eyes shooting lasers at the older jokingly.

"will it make it better if i tell you you can just replace taehyung and stay with his dorm mate?" jungkook groans, running a hand through his hair.

"i don't even know his dorm mate and i have to carry so many stuff christ. my books, clothes, camera, tripod, fuck you hyung, and fuck your idea of moving in with your boyfriend that i don't even know much about"

"you never asked? bitch" jungkook stands up and round the kitchen counter to fill a glass of water, walking back while taking a sip, "do you atleast know his friend's name?"

"park jimin?"

jungkook chokes on his water, how pathetic.

continue or no?

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