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"you broke my camera?" jungkook asks softly, heart crumbling at the tears pooling around jimin's eyes.

"ah baby, why are you crying? please stop" jungkook settles himself in between jimin's leg as the male sat on the bed, sniffing softly.

"it's- it's the expensive one and i broke it. i- i swear i didn't mean to! i just-" he can't stop his tears now when he looks up to see jungkook staring at his- now broken- camera perched on the bed with furrowed brows.

"i'm sorry" he cries out and jungkook immediately snaps his head back, eyes turning wide as he cups jimin's cheek to bring his head up.

"no, no it's okay babe. i'll just get a new one. why are you crying? fuck, it breaks my heart baby" jungkook cards his hand through jimin's blonde locks softly, the male colliding into his chest as he buries his head there, small hands gripping the back of jungkook's shirt.

"you're not mad?" he sniffs out, eyes red as he looks up and find the black haired shaking his head, "it's fine okay? please stop crying now, i hate seeing you cry" jimin's heart burst into flames as jungkook continues ruffling his hair.

the camera is an expensive one, the most expensive actually which jungkook owns and here he is, acting as if the camera costs nothing and trying to soothe the latter.

"actually babe," jimin starts as he stood up, pecking the male's lip once before turning his head, "look there" he whispers and jungkook does turn, letting a groan out, "oh my god, i fucking hate you baby" jimin erupts into fits of giggles, hearing jungkook's exasperated sigh but sees the smile on his face as he holds jimin tighter.

"it's a prank!"

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