chapter 3

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shrek still couldn't comprend what just happened after seeing his chocolate🍫 man. it's like it was a dream come true. 😳😌

or perhaps it was fate?

was it fate that made fiona become gay👭? fate that made him go to america? fate that made him walk on donkey and dragon👉👌?

thanks fate, what an as🍑s. 😡😡

obama picked himself up and offered shrek a han👊d. shrek took it while a light blush dusted on his cheeks and got up from the ground.😳😳

"u-uh, sorry as well," shrek 🅱️ashfully😳😫 apologized to obama, "a-and thank you," throwing glance👀s at 🅾️bama.

obama couldn't pay attention. shrek's deep🙇 voice and thicc😛😰💦 accent was making him very turned💦🍆🍆 on and gay🌈. he felt his legs🍗 shaking and hands trembling.

he shaked himself from his uncontrollable emotions and introduced himself to shrek, "i- um, i'm barack obama," he cleared his throat before gaining some confidence then continued, "but you can call me tonight," with a cheeki winki😜😘at the end.

he mentally cheered🎉 for being able to fl🅾️rt 😳😌.

shrek looked sh👁️👁️keth. did he just flort with him?¿ wOa,, brave indeed. 👊😤👌 respec.

shrek started to get even more embarrassed, he feel in love with such a daring 🍫man👏👏.

"um, w-well, i'm shrek," he cursed himself for stuttering. he tried his best to force more words out. "and- and i'd love to take up on that offer."👁️👁️😌😳

obama's eyes 👁️😳widened and hastly took out a piece of paper and wrote down his number and gave it to shrek.🖐️🤝

there was one more lingering question in obama's hea🗣️d but he was too embarrassed🙊 to ask.

"do you have a place to stay?"

that question caught shrek off g😳uard, and he started blushing eVEN MORE. technically, he doesn't but do🐴nkey probably would've settled a place for him to stay.

why would he be asking anyway? is he going to offer him a place to stay? or will he ask someone to get a place for him? 🤔🤔🤔

well, fu🅱️k it. 🖐️😤

"no, i don't. why do you ask?" shrek looked at obama quizz👀ically. ha! he managed to lie for a chance to be closer to his beloved.😍🤤

"i was thinking about bringing you back home🏠 with me," he answered. he realized how wrong it sound😳😍s, "bUT!! not in that way,,, unless you want it to b😌💦e," obama whispered the last part scratched the back of his nec🗣️k, "a-and stay with me maybe..?" he trailed off.

shrek smiled, "i would love to take up on that offer as well."

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