chapter 1.

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shrek decided confronting fiona about what happened was something he was not gonna do. he's just gonna pack up his things (which are just the onions) and leave.

like who's stopping him anyway? lmao. she's just gonna stay there with her girlfriend or something, idk. fiona can explain everything to fergus, farkle and felicia herself. 😤

where will he even go? no one will know except donkey. he's just wanna live his life in a penthouse, get strippers and do drugs. 😔🤙

shrek looks out of the window of the limousine that came to send him to the airport. he started thinking about all the secks he can get.

oooooooooooooooooo yeah boi, everybody would want him.

who wouldn't want a hot, hunky, not to mention sAucy, sEXYy orge alpha male like him fRiCKle frAcKing YOUR BRAINS OUt???

the limousine was a long boi, just like his abominable monster penis.

it had some good drinks, mmm. good and nice sparkling water, champagne and white wine.

he took none and ate an onion with black bean paste from a wine glass since he's a fancy bihctch.

sipppo, ah, nice and good.

shrek thinks if he's ever gonna love again. maybe people does want his tasty c🤠ock but will they ever love him for him? possibly.

his thoughts came to an abrupt stop as the driverman opened the door. shrek got out to see they've arrived to the airport.

the driverman took his bags and placed it on the wheely boi and walked shrek to where he's supposed to go.

heads turned, gasp were released, tents were set up, bodies dropped, hotel trivago.

shrek smirked😏, he knew this was finna happen. it was him after all🤤😲😏😏.

after he seduced all🤤 the workers he got onto the plane to america. 🤠 he was awaiting all the good and cool things there.

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