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only this morning, shrek has found out that fiona has been cheating on him with another woman. it never occurred to him that this would happen. shrek just went out for a few days wanting to buy some onions and visit his best friend, donkey. he found them laying in his bed that he used to share with fiona. used to.

he didn't give them a chance to explain when he found out. he just ran out of his house, slamming the doors open, in tears, after fiona blurted out, “i'm bishreksual.”

all he thought was that fiona wanted to spend time with the triplets alone in their swamp. never he thought it was to do something so gay yet disappointing.

he continued to run and run, straight to donkey to talk about what just happened, hopefully donkey knows what's going on (though he was probably as clueless as shrek).

when he reached donkey's home, he slammed open the door and found donkey and the female dragon doing to do. shrek didn't even bother, he walked in on them way too many times, smh.

shrek waited outside for them to finish what ever they were doing in the first place, hearing their loud sounds and an occasional gruff that yelled out ‘daddy!’ made by the dragon, not even bothering that shrek was outside. shrek shot a questioning yet surprised look after he heard that.  he then frowned at the event that just recently happened when he replayed the memories, regretting that he never joined them but instead, cared about his heterorge-needs. what a fool, indeed.

after donkey has done his love-making with his wife, donkey got out from his house finding shrek eating an onion. he approached shrek and asked about what's happening and why he came back after a few hours after he left. shrek explained everything that happened, straight-orge tears falling from his face.

donkey suggest he go out to the real world to release stress from these problems, america. get some with da ladies and do drugs, let himself go. donkey told shrek that america was a gay place with whities, politics and other stuff. all in all it's a good place.

but of course, shrek need to properly talk about the incident with fiona first before he did so. yikes, how is that gonna turn out for both of them.

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