chapter 2

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as soon as shrek arrives in america and got out of the plane, all the people were drooling🤤🤤 at how hot his green oniony ass looks 👀👀😤🤤

there was a lotta people in the airplane obviously thinking about him too since most of them went into the toilet after they took off. probably to 😏😏jjerk🤤🤤😏off😲😲.

shrek was looking at all the people in the airport by the bag aisle, waiting for his fresh onions.

while shrek was waiting his eyes laid upon the most handsome man he had ever seen, after fiona's father (whom shrek made him call shrek daddy). 😲🤤, it was barack obama.

to everyone else, he was just a dark-skinned ni🅱️🅱️a who legalized gay and a former president of america.

but to shrek, he was the most beautiful chocolate man he had ever seen. he starts feeling lotta gay feelings for him.

oh no, he thoht, am i gay noe??

shrek felt his lower regions start to hARDen. after this, he knows who he'd let inside his swamp. ;)))

shrek saw obama approaching him, his breath start to quicken. oh my god, he's so perfect, he thought, a gay thought. oh no, i'm gaye,,

shrek could feel his legs shaking and sweat dripping.

it saddened him that unlike all the people in the airport who'd willingly go on their knees for shrek, obama didn't look at his direction at all!!! 😞😥

shrek looks away, depressed that obama doesn't seem interested. he turned to the bag isle to get his children. he grabbed his bag of onions and walked sadly out of the airport😥.

whAt HE DIDN'T KNOW WAS, he took the wrong bag that looks exactly like obama's!!! 😲dRama!!

shrek thought that the bag was a little too light for all his onions but what matters anymore if the love of your life doesn't love you?

while shrek was walking towards the exit, obama reached the bag aisle.

obama grabbed his bags, one bag seemed particularly heavy but he just shrugged, it was probably the bomb he managed to buy into the flight.

shrek continued to make his way out of the airport, he took out his phone from his cleavage and played "despacito" by justin bieber, his second dad😏dy🤤💦💦

while that was happening, obama took all his bags and, too, made his way out.

he was distracted by the hunky green man aka hulk-wannabe he saw when he was making his way towards the bag aisle.

now he can't help to be curious about him and tried to look uninterested as possible, thinking it was rude to stare.

but he wanted to get to know who this green man was. he craved to meet him.

distracted by his thoughts about shrek, obama walked into someone and fell on their plump chest. "kYAAAAAAA!!!" the person screamed, shocked from the sudden fall.

obama looked up, speak of the devil. it was the person he was just thinking about.

"my apologies, i wasn't paying attention to where i was going," obama sheepishly apologized to the many layered man.

shrek was shooketh!! it was his dream daddy!! his handsome chocolate man!! his president😤!!

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