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Thomas' POV

"CLARE!!" I ran around. After noticing she wasn't behind me. My heart pounding. First my family now Clare !

Running around the streets. Yelling for my family and Clare. I came to a stop when I saw her.

"Good to see you Thomas. How was your time away without your bride?" I glared at Grace gripping my gun. Raising my gun up as did she.

"Jona why don't you tell Thomas about his family and Clare." I furrowed my brows at this. Jona? Clare's brother?

I felt something press against the back of my head.

"Put your gun down or I'll shoot your brains out. Then I'll kill your family and Clare. Or I can make you watch me kill them."

I lowered my gun down.

"Where's my family ?" I said through gritted teeth.

"There fine? Not worried about my sister?"

"She's family. Do you even know what family even means; Jona?"

"My family died years ago. Clare may be my sister but she's not like our father. She's like our bitch of a mother. Falling for a fool."

"Falling for a fool?"

"Yes Tommy a fool. She fell for a fool who couldn't help but fall for another pretty face and want to get into there pants." I glared at Grace.

"I may have fallen for you Grace in that way but not Clare."

They both laughed.

"Did you really think we are that dumb to think you actually fallen in love for someone and not want to fuck them?"

"I don't care what you believe." Within an instant I turned around, twisting Jona's arm till I heard a snap pinning him to the ground. I grabbed my gun pointing it at Grace. Keeping Jona pinned.

"Bring my family to me tonight. Or Jona is dead. Then you'll be next."

"Careful Tommy. I can kill them instantly. You think Jona and I are the only ones apart of this. There's more of us."

More? More of them? What is she talking about?

Glaring I shor Jona in the leg. Him screaming out.

"Bring me my family !!" I yelled. She flinched and looked worried as I shot jona. Oh so she does have a heart.

She nodded.

"Charlie's yard tonight! Or he's dead."

She nodded and ran off.


I pulled Jona's arm back making him groan loudly.


"You know she'll hand them over dead right?"

"Shut up." I glared at a tied up Jona who's bloody from the head down.

I may have beaten him. To release anger. Seriously have to work on that.

"What don't want me to say your precious family is dead. Your Clare too."

"I said shut it." I got into his face.

"Family will be the death of you Shelby. Love is dangerous and fatal."

"You shouldn't talk about love when your fucking some girl who clearly loves you."

He laughed and looked me in the eye. "The only person I loved was my sister." I punched him square in the nose. Which earned him a laugh.

"What don't like it when I've already had it and you didn't ? She's good you know."

"Your fucking sick."

He had a creepy smile on his face I turned around and looked out the window crossing my arms. He kept on talking. Me trying to ignore him the best I can.

Lighting a cigaret watching the sun go down.


I dragged Jona to Charlie's hard. Everything is a mess here.

"CHARLIE ?l CURLY ?!" I looked around.

"Thomas?" I saw curly peak his head out from a stable. He smiled at me and ran to me. Charlie close behind.

"Thank god Tommy. Where have ye been ?! The town has gone to hell !!" I threw Jona down to the ground. Charlie took a step back.

"That's the man ! The bad man !" I looked at curly.

"Curly go tie him up to a post in the stables."
I handed him a gun. "Shoot him if he tries to get away or hurts you. Understand ?" Curly nodded and took Jona to the stables. I looked at Charlie. He shook his head at me.

"What have you gotten this town into Thomas." I took out a cigarette placing it between my lips lighting it.

"Nothing I can't handle Charlie. Where has everyone gone?" I blew a puff of smoke out.

"Most are in there homes scared. Many left town. Once the Peaky blinders where gone nobody had nobody to protect them from Grace. Him. And Boris Burge."

"Boris Burge ? That crook from over in Ireland ?"

Charlie nodded.

Boris Burge. Always had it out for me. Since I killed his son. All those years ago. Which was an accident. He did almost kill John. It's either kill or be killed. And we Peaky Blinders don't go down without a fight.

"Grace will be here with my family soon. Round of the others arm them. Hide and when I give the signal you come out." Charlie nodded and ran off. I stared off into the water thinking.


Hour or two later I held onto Jona.

"Your plan won't work Shelby."

"I don't have a plan." Jona went quiet.

For awhile we stood there. I heard running lots of it coming towards us. I gripped Joan.

"Thomas ?!" I could really see who it was running towards me but when I heard the voice I went stiff.


"ITS JUST US!!" When they got closer I noticed it was just my family and Clare.

"Everyone hold your fire !!"

Charlie came out stopped when he saw everyone.

"Thank god you all are alive." Charlie hugged Finn tightly.

I tied Jona down and grabbed Clare hugging her to me. Along with Ada.

"You all look like shit." I heard Charlie say.

"If it wasn't for Clare we would be dead right now."

"We still could be. Ada and I don't know if we killed them. We didn't have guns. We used what we had around." Clare held onto me tightly.

We stood there for awhile. Then we heard groaning the laughing.

"Pathetic. You all are pathetic." We all looked at Jona. Ada and Clare walked over to him and started beating him up.

Clare grabbed a gun and pointed it at him.

"Come on Clare do it! Sooner or later this family will kill you! You know that !! Families kill each other in the end." He was laughing more.

"Little do you know our family was fucked up from the beginning. Dad killed mom. I figured that on my own. You killed dad. And now I'm killing you. This family here may be fucked up. But in the end they would never kill a family member out of fun. Or hurt there own sibling like you've done to me. In the end they are family would never change it for the world. Goodbye Jona."

With that she shot him I the head.

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