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I found a place to sleep. The inn it wasn't the best place but nice. Walking to my room assisted by the owner. All I kept hearing was moaning. What is this place? A whore house? Shaking my head pulling my coat around me more getting to my room. It was small. A single bed. Small window. A little area to wash up.

"Here ye go. How many nights ye said girl?" I looked at the short lady behind me.

"Hopefully a week ma'am." She nodded leaving closing my door behind her before yelling about how breakfast is 7 sharp.

Setting my bag down on the bed taking my hat, coat, and gloves off along with the holster with my gun inside its place. Walking to the window pulling the curtains back pushing be window open. I got a good smell of the night air. It's a bit chilly out. But I don't mind. I have a good view of  The Garrison.

There I saw the Peaky Blinders. Polly Arthur the small man with Arthur earlier. Another girl. And him. Thomas Shelby.

All I know is he fought in the War and kills people for no reason. He had a love interest but all that is a load of shit. Thomas Shelby. A fucking Peaky Blinder in love? Especially him? No one in there right mind would want to date him. Yes he has the build. The looks. The eyes. Everything going for him. But it's dangerous. He can snap and kill for no reason. All war men go crazy. And he has.

Stepping back from the window undoing my blouse buttons pushing my simple black skirt off kicking my shoes off.

He is gorgeous though. Those eyes that needs that one person to bring the spark back. The lips. Holding that cigarette between those oh so plump lips.

I didn't realize what I was thinking. Am I going mad? Did I really have 1 to many drinks? No. He's just messing with me. Brother told me to be carful. That's how he gets his women. Distract them with his looks and then bam your dead. In the gutter.

Changing into a night gown crawling into bed turning the light off. Resting into the  bed. Hopefully I'll get this done with. I want to go home.

Tommy's POV

That girl. Something about her was off. How she spoke to me. Like she didn't know who I was.

"Did you see that girl Arthur I mean what beauty!" I looked at my brother John.

"That girl who ran into Tommy here? She is beautiful and has a mouth on her. Has Ada beat. But she oddly looks familiar." Arthur rubbed his chin. I rolled my eyes getting another cigarette out thinking about that mysterious girl.

"Her name is Clara. From America. She seemed interested about this room seemed shocked I knew about the Peaky Blinders. She can hold her whisky pretty well. She seems sweet yet she had a gun." I quickly turned my attention to Aunt Polly.

"A gun? What is a little girl doing with a gun? Drinking whisky as well?" I said pretty quick.

Ada looked up from her seat in the room. "Excuse you Thomas. I'm a little girl and I have a gun. Since I was only 13 don't you remember you showed me how to use it. So why can't she?" Ads snapped back at me for this. I waved my hand off like. 'I know Ada.'

"I wonder what she is here for and why she seems interested about this room. And Ada your a Shelby you can hold your own. Being a young women part of the Peaky Blinders nobody dares to fuck with us."


By the time we where leaving it was late. I felt eyes on me. Looking around then up towards the inn. There she stood. She must have seen me to where she stepped back. Then moment later the lights went out. Asleep I presume. Getting another cigarette out lighting it. Everyone was talking a lot but my mind kept wondering to the girl.

Clara. Beautiful name. American is she? I wonder why she's here. Let alone is the Garrison. So many drunk men wanting one thing when they are drunk. A good fucking.

"Oi Tommy old boy what are you thinking?" Arthur threw an arm over my shoulder. I shrugged him off.

"Thinking. That girl." Arthur smirked. "Not what you think old chap. But I want to know why she's here especially Birmingham. Well Small Heath. Bring her to Charlie's Yard. Tomorrow." Arthur nodded.

"Thomas Shelby are you making orders ? On a girl now?" I snapped my head over along with the others. My eyes went wide.


"Hello Thomas."

Every bone in my body wanted to reach for my gun but the other part of me is like. No don't.

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